How To Update With A Fabulous Fall Landscape-Firepits, Lighting, And Container Gardens

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How To Update With A Fabulous Fall Landscape-Firepits, Lighting, And Container Gardens

fall landscape

The cold is settling in, and now is the time when we all hibernate in our living rooms and forget that the outdoors exists, right? Wrong!

Instead of missing out on all your outdoor space and curb appeal this fall, you can max it out with some great landscaping updates. With the summer landscaping rush over, now is the perfect time to update your yard if you want to get more bang for your buck.

Every great landscape update starts with a few ideas and a vision. Try on these fall landscape ideas for size.

Fall Landscape Ideas and Trends

As with your home itself, you need to update your outdoor space in the right way so it helps your home’s value rather than hurting it. Check out these trends to find the perfect way to spice up your landscape.

Luxury Fire Features

In the summer, there’s something refreshing and relaxing about a great water feature. You can get that same effect in the fall and winter, but with a fire feature instead.

One classic choice is a great firepit. Look for a beautiful, modern firepit with a style that’s uniquely you. It’s a great accent piece to liven up an open area of grass. Complete the space by surrounding your firepit with cozy seating.

What if your yard isn’t large enough for a great firepit? Opt for an outdoor fireplace instead. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, you can find a beautiful fireplace that offers warmth along with a high-end look.

As with a firepit, your fireplace is only as good as the seating around it. Create an inviting area where the whole family will come to relax.

Warm Uplighting

You’ll notice that warmth is a common theme throughout these trends. In colder months, designing your landscaping to look warm and inviting is the key to great curb appeal.

The key to outdoor lighting that looks warm is a yellow hue and a wide-reaching glow. One of the biggest trends this fall is uplighting: lights that are placed low to the ground but point upward.

Whether or not you’re already getting a jump on your holiday decor, make sure your outdoor lighting looks great with and without your strings of lights and holiday decorations.

Container Gardens

It might be the season when all the leaves fall, but there are still plenty of ways to use great plants in your landscaping. The key is going for more winter-friendly options like container gardens.

A container garden is an arrangement of potted plants. For the indecisive homeowner, a container garden is perfect because you can rearrange it whenever you want. During this time of the year, it’s also easy to bring certain plants inside if you need to protect them from frost.

The key is choosing your colors well and looking for plants that will hold up as well as possible against the chilling air.

Accent Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are long-term mainstays that homeowners use to keep soil and land in place. Instead of restricting them to “tool only” status, why not hop onto the trend of making yours a design accent?

Fall is a great time to renovate your retaining wall. Between the price of labor and the supplies, chances are that you’ll pay much less today than you would have two months ago.

The key to a great retaining wall is to match it to your home’s design. Use a type of stone or brick that jives with your home’s style.

Brighter Paths

For most people, one of the biggest bummers of fall and winter is the early sunset. There’s no faster way to make your day feel short than to watch darkness fall before you even leave the office.

For many homeowners, the early nightfall means they stop using their valuable outdoor space. The right landscape lighting can make all the difference.

This fall, install lighting along the footpaths in your landscape. This serves several purposes at once. First, it makes it safer for the whole family to use your pathways. Second, it creates a more warm and inviting look that boosts your curb appeal.

Living Walls

As the leaves begin to fall from your trees, one of the most beautiful sights to see in fall and winter is a splash of green. One of the hottest and most unique ways homeowners are keeping more green in their landscaping is with living walls.

With a living wall, you arrange certain types of vines and plants to create what appears to be a wall of pure nature. If you prefer a more industrial look, you can even use cinder blocks for a more adventurous style.

Of course, the key is finding out which plants both maintain their green color year-round and work well for a living wall.

Winter Tones in Mulch and Stones

You’ve probably heard the old fashion rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Fall and winter styles tend to go best with darker, deeper colors. The same is true for your landscaping.

If you have light-colored stones or mulch in your landscaping, now may be the time to make a switch. Try some darker decorative landscaping rocks that have black, red, or dark gray tones. It seems like a simple step but it can go a long way toward making your home look more fall-friendly.

Giving Your Landscape a Fall Makeover

It seems like people either love or hate the cooler weather in fall and winter: there isn’t much in-between. Regardless of how you feel about the season, you can make your outdoor space look great and feel comfortable all year round with these fall landscape trends.

As with any other part of your home, though, it’s all about customization. Inject your personal style into every new change to your landscape and choose your designs based on how they’ll coordinate with your house.

If you’re ready to start revitalizing your landscape, feel free to contact us today.