Ready to Grow? Here’s What You Need When Starting a Garden

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Ready to Grow? Here’s What You Need When Starting a Garden

starting a garden

There are so many benefits to starting a garden.

In addition to providing you with fresh flowers or food, they also provide a chance to get outdoors for some sun and exercise. Many people even find caring for a garden to be meditative or therapeutic.

However, if you’ve never gardened before, getting started can seem overwhelming. But it’s really quite easy, and with a little sun, water, and TLC, a thriving garden can be yours!

If you’re ready to dig into the world of gardens, here are some tips to get you started!

Start with the Basics

As a gardener, you can spend a lot on fancy gadgets and implements. But you certainly don’t need to.

Instead, start with the basics — many of which you probably already have in your garage!

Start with a good pair of gloves, a shovel, and a rake. You’ll also need compost, mulch, and a hose or other watering equipment.

Determine What You Want to Grow

Decide first if you’re growing flowers or vegetables. Keep in mind that most vegetables need at least six hours of full sun per day.

If you want to plant a flower garden, you’ll need to choose between annuals and perennials. Annuals need to be replanted each year, but they also bloom the longest. Perennials won’t flower as often, but they do come back year after year.

Choose the Right Location

Once you know what you hope to grow, you’ll need to pick the best spot to do it.

If vegetables are in your plans, it’s especially important to choose a location with full sun. Flowers can be a bit more forgiving.

You’ll also want to choose a location that is easily reached by your garden hose.

Cut Away the Sod and Prep Your Soil

Now that you’ve picked the best location, the real fun begins!

Cut away or dig up any grass, sod, or weeds that are growing there. Once you have the area cleared, you’ll want to amend your soil so it’s ready to grow.

Add a rich compost to the area. You can purchase this or use your own. This will give your soil the nutrient boost it needs to support the growth of your plants.

Pick Your Plants

Once your soil is prepped and ready, you can purchase your plants and get them in the ground! Be sure to check out care instructions and choose plants that can grow in your hardiness zone.

Some gardeners like to start plants from seed. This might tempt you, but we suggest purchasing established plants for your first try.

Starting from seed is great, but it’s also another step where things can go wrong. Increase your chances of having a successful garden by opting for established plants. You can start from seed later when you have the basics down.

Once you have everything in the ground, spread a layer of mulch over the soil. Mulch will help prevent weeds and will also prevent water from evaporating too quickly.

Looking for More Help Starting a Garden?

We hope this article has helped you see that starting a garden is within your reach!

If you’re in the Irwindale area and you’d like more help selecting the right products for starting your garden, we hope you’ll contact us! We offer landscaping and gardening products and can help you get on your way to the beautiful, blooming garden of your dreams!