How to Top Dress a Lawn and Improve Your Curb Appeal

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How to Top Dress a Lawn and Improve Your Curb Appeal

top dress a lawn

Americans spend over $30 billion a year on their lawns. With 90% of survey respondents answering that attractive lawns increase home value, it’s easy to see why Americans pride themselves on an attractive lawn.

If you’re thinking your yard needs some help to make it look good, you may want to learn how to topdress a lawn. But what is topdressing a lawn? What are the benefits of doing it? And how would you even begin?

Keep reading to learn all about topdressing and why this fall season is the perfect time to start.

What Is Topdressing?

Topdressing is the process of applying a form of compost, soil, or sand over the surface of your lawn.

Topdressing lawns is generally most successful using compost, which would promote the overall health of the soil. Compost can also be mixed with soil or sand to reduce costs.

Why Should I Topdress My Lawn?

There are many benefits to topdressing a lawn, and here we’ll include just a few!

  • To add organic matter to the soil, which builds up soil health
  • When combined with soil aeration, topdressing pushes organic matter deeper into the soil
  • To even the ground or reduce low spots in the yard
  • To reduce lawn diseases
  • Reduce compaction (in heavy soils)
  • Increase water retention (in sandy soils)
  • Reduce fertilizer needs
  • Improve lawn health and appearance

Now that you know the many benefits of topdressing a lawn, we’ll tell you where to start.

How Do I Topdress My Lawn?

Here are a few simple steps to help you topdress your lawn for the first time.

1. Do it in the Fall

The best time of year to topdress your lawn is in the fall. Although a lot of gardeners tend to revitalize their lawns in the spring, the right season for it is always in fall, from late August to mid-October in most climates.

2. Aerate Your Lawn First

Has your lawn been aerated in the last 2 or 3 years? If not, it may be time to perform aeration. This process is simple and will move roots and soil around to allow fresh nutrients to reach roots and promote growth. Although this is easily performed on small lawns, you may have to break your large lawn up into sections.

3. Find the Right Topdressing

Based on your lawn, you’ll have to purchase and mix topdressing which will contain different portions of soil, sand, compost, and other components. Be sure to research which topdressing is right for your lawn. If you choose to use compost, always make sure it is weed-free, so you are not introducing weeds to your lawn.

4. Apply Topdressing

Using a shovel or your hands, apply dry topdressing onto your dry lawn, to where it is no more than an inch deep. Using a rake or topdressing lute, you should mix in the dressing to where it is no longer visible.

5. Plant New Grass (optional)

If you have a few spots on your lawn that are lacking grass, you can sow seeds into your topdressing now that is has been applied to your lawn.

Final Thoughts

Topdressing a lawn is important for lawn health while providing a myriad of other benefits.

This simple process can help make your lawn look great and typically doesn’t require a lot of time or supplies.

For more information on improving lawn health or aesthetics, visit our blog today.