6 Beautiful Ground Cover Ideas to Improve the Look of Your Home

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September 24, 2018
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6 Beautiful Ground Cover Ideas to Improve the Look of Your Home

ground cover ideas

“Nature abhors a vacuum” might be a debatable issue of physics, but a gardener knows the truth of it.

Weeds will move into your garden and take over in a matter of weeks – and they may already be there. To stop that happening, you need to fill that vacuum with some ground cover.

Not sure how to spruce up your garden and save it from weeds? Here are some ground cover ideas to help you out.

Blue Carpet

If you’re looking for something evergreen and resilient, this woody juniper makes an excellent prostrate solution for low maintenance ground cover. It flourishes in any well-drained soil like chalk or clay and needs little pruning.

Blue Carpet has a fascinating blue-green foliage, which is enough to add color to your ground cover without pulling focus from the main attractions of your garden.

Johnson’s Blue

Ground cover can be as decorative as it is functional, and the Johnson’s Blue is a fantastic example. As a perennial, this geranium will explode with vibrancy in the summer and go dormant at colder times of the year. Its rich purple flowers are colorful yet dignified, so they won’t turn your ground cover into a riot.


A classic of the landscaping world, the petunia owes its popularity to its fast-growing and vibrant nature. That also makes it excellent for inexpensive ground cover.

Take care when using petunia for ground cover, as its rich colors and flower density can be overbearing. But it works great for adding an element of fun to your garden.


If you’re looking for a subtle note in low-maintenance ground cover, take a look at Cornus canadensis. Their delicate white flowers pop from a sea of green leaves, giving way to red berries in the fall.

This makes them a fantastic way to fill space without stealing the spotlight from the rest of your garden. Their seasonal nature will keep your garden looking fresh all year round.

Lily of the Valley

Worried your ground cover won’t flourish in a shady spot? Lily of the Valley could be your answer. Convallaria majalis thrives in shaded and partially-shaded spots and offers classy white flowers with a strong scent.

Their subtle flowers give them a woodland look, so they’ll do wonderful work for landscapes built on an arboreal look.

Catlin’s Giant

If you need something more aggressive to keep out the weeds, consider a hardy mat-forming solution. Catlin’s Giant is a semi-evergreen perennial with intriguing purplish foliage and purple-blue flowers.

Ajuga reptens will grow will in most soils and works best in shaded or partially-shaded areas, as this will keep the leaves from drying out.

A Few of the Best Ground Cover Ideas

We’re only scratching the surface of the available ground cover ideas. There hundreds of plants out there that are up to the task and endless combinations you can make. Try experimenting to see what works best for your space.

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