The Top 5 Playground Ground Coverings

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September 20, 2018
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The Top 5 Playground Ground Coverings

playground ground coverings

Parents often install playgrounds to give their kids somewhere to play. As a bonus, playgrounds also help kids develop coordination, problem-solving skills, and balance.

You also face a choice about what ground covering you should use beneath the playground. You want something that’s good for the kids but also complements your home.

Keep reading and discover the top playground ground coverings.

1. Wood Chips

Lots of homeowners use wooden mulch in their flower beds. That means wooden chips offer a simple way for a playground ground covering to blend with your landscaping.

Wooden chips also offer a bit of cushion for when kids fall or jump from a swing. If you do decide on wood chips, make sure you grab certified playground chips. Certified chips don’t contain any chemicals that might be hazardous for your kids.

2. Artificial Grass

Artificial grass comes with a higher installation cost than some other options. You must level the ground ahead of time for example. It more than makes up for that cost over the long haul.

It’s low maintenance. Hit it with a hose occasionally and that’s it. No mowing or trimming required.

It generally offers solid drainage. That lets your kids can get back outside sooner after it rains.

Plus, you can get fairly realistic looking grass, which means it won’t stand out like a sore thumb.

3. Pea Gravel

A popular choice for playgrounds, pea gravel takes its name from its similarity in size to actual peas. It’s an inexpensive choice that’s available everywhere.

It offers good drainage and low-maintenance. As a rule, maintenance consists of occasional raking or adding more gravel. It also offers little of interest to wild or stray animals.

On the downside, pea gravel can prove slightly difficult to walk over when it’s piled deep.

4. Sand

Sand doesn’t enjoy the popularity it once did, but it’s still a viable choice. For one, the cost of sand remains low. It’s also widely available. That makes replacing it easy and affordable.

Some people dislike it because kids track it into the house. It can also attract animals.

If you do opt for sand, make sure you get playground-certified sand, which is sand that doesn’t contain any harmful chemical contaminants.

5. Natural Grass

For the average homeowner that puts up a small playground for their kids, natural grass might prove the best option.

Grass seed has a low cost if you need it. The grass beneath a play area won’t require special care beyond what the rest of your lawn receives. It blends naturally with most landscaping approaches.

Parting Thoughts on the Top Playground Ground Coverings

You get lots of choices when it comes to playground ground coverings. The one you pick depends on location, maintenance requirements, and budget.

On the economic side, you can go for natural grass, pea gravel, or sand. If you want something that blends with flower beds, wood chips make for a good option. If low maintenance tops your list, artificial grass will serve you well.

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