5 Legitimate Reasons to Pull Up a Plant

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June 3, 2019
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5 Legitimate Reasons to Pull Up a Plant

Plants are one of the most delicate life forms on the planet. They need specific conditions to truly thrive, which can at times be quite difficult to create. If you are a gardener, one of the last things you ever want to do is pull up one of your beloved plants. However, there are a variety of scenarios in which pulling up a plant is the right decision. We’re not talking about those pesky weeds we are suggesting that pulling up one of your plants for the good of the garden.

Sometimes, plants can be overrun by other plants in the garden. Or they could be the ones overrunning the garden and taking valuable nutrients away from the rest of your garden. Plants can reach the end of their lifespan and simply move on. Maybe you just don’t like the way that a certain plant looks anymore. Whatever the case may be, there comes a time in every gardener’s life where they have to pull up one of their plants. Keep reading on to learn about 5 legitimate reasons why you should consider pulling up a plant in your garden. This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils, the leading provider of landscaping and gardening products in the California area. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today to browse through our incredible selection of landscaping products.

Reason # 1 – It is Aggressively Spreading

The first valid reason for pulling up a plant in your garden is related to a hostile takeover. Sometimes, you choose a plant type for your garden that has a reputation for being aggressive. You might think that it won’t happen in your garden until it’s too late. These invasive plant species spread all over the place and start taking nutrients and water from the other plants in your garden. Morning Glory is one of the classic examples of an invasive plant species that can aggressively spread throughout your garden. These types of plants provide gardeners with a very good reason to pull them up – in order to save the rest of your garden! If you find that a certain plant is aggressively spreading throughout your garden, don’t feel bad about plucking it out.

Reason # 2 – The Plant is Struggling

We aren’t suggesting that you should immediately pull up every struggling plant in your garden. The best gardeners don’t give up on their plants if they aren’t growing to their maximum potential. However, if you notice a certain plant that is always struggling and you’ve tried to get it going multiple times, it might be time to cut your losses and pull it up. Plants can end up struggling for a lot of different reasons including where they are planted, the level of nutrients in the soil, and the amount of sunlight they receive every day. Whatever the case may be, if you have a plant that isn’t thriving, you can consider pulling it out of your garden. That doesn’t mean you have to give up completely on the plant though. Try planting it in another location.

Reason # 3 – Your Plant is Dead

Every organism on this planet has a limited lifespan. This includes the plants in your garden. If you realize that one of your plants seems to have reached the end of its lifespan, you can feel free to pull it out of your garden. All plants have a certain amount of time that they are expected to live. Read up on the species of plants you have in your garden and when they reach their life expectancy and aren’t looking so great, pull them up. You can also pull up plants if they have died from things like lack of sunlight, poor nutrient levels in the soil, or pests. It’s fairly easy to tell if a plant is actually dead, but don’t give up on plants that might be able to come back with a little bit of love and care.

Reason # 4 – You Don’t Like the Way It Looks

When it comes down to it, your garden belongs to you. Think about the amount of time, money, effort, and energy that goes into keeping up with a garden. If you don’t like the way a certain plant looks in your garden, you can always part ways with it. Sometimes gardeners make mistakes with the plants they choose. If you are spending a lot of time in your garden, you want to have one that is enjoyable to be in. If you absolutely hate the way a certain plant makes your garden look, remember that you can always pull it up.

Reason # 5 – It’s Being Overtaken by Other Plants

Over the years, gardens transform and flourish with lots of different plant life. Sometimes, we need to thin things out in our garden so that our plants can flourish even more. If you notice that a plant has been overtaken by a lot of other plants, you might want to pull it up out of your garden. As plants grow, they get fuller and tend to spread out. If you need to pull out a particularly large plant so that the other plants in your garden get more sunlight, water, and nutrients, don’t feel bad about it. Think about the good of your overall garden and make a decision that will help you get closer to the garden of your dreams.

It always hurts to have to sever your ties with a plant in your garden, but if you are dealing with any of the 5 scenarios above, you probably have good reason to pull a plant out. If your plants are struggling and you are looking for help with your landscaping products, reach out to Cal Blend Soils. We can help you resuscitate your plants with our huge variety of great gardening products and provide you with the landscaping information and tips you need to succeed. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today for all of your landscaping and gardening needs.