5 Outdoor Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

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June 3, 2019
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5 Outdoor Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

Spending time outside is one of the best things about owning your own property. You get to cultivate the landscaping on your property into something that you can’t wait to spend time enjoying. There are so many different things you can do with your landscaping to really make it pop. There’s really nothing like sitting outside with your friends and family while enjoying a combination of nature and great weather. Putting together a patio or outdoor area that include outdoor furniture is a great way to enjoy your hard landscaping work. However, there are a ton of options to choose from with outdoor furniture and it’s easy to get carried away. If you are new to the landscaping world or are wondering the best way to approach outdoor furniture, keep reading on below. We will be touching on the top 5 outdoor furniture mistakes to avoid.

1. Bringing Indoor Furniture Outside

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to setting up furniture outdoors is to take the approach of bringing indoor furniture outside. Sure, you might have a bulky coach or rustic table that you think will look fantastic outside, but this is a serious landscaping mistake. Indoor furniture simply won’t be able to withstand the outdoor weather. Your indoor furniture will wear down quickly due to the sun and weather. It will end up looking terrible and you will need to end up replacing it and starting from square one. Not to mention your outdoor space will look a little strange with your indoor furniture sitting there.

2. Choosing the Wrong Amount of Furniture

Another big mistake that people make when they are adding outdoor furniture to their landscaping is choosing the wrong amount of furniture. Patios, gardens, and backyards are meant for relaxing and entertaining. That’s why it’s easy to get carried away with the amount of outdoor furniture you add. It’s common for people to cram as much outdoor furniture as they can into a single area. This ends up detracting from the appearance of your landscaping and can end up creating a space that is cluttered and disorganized.

On the other hand, people can also use too little furniture in their outdoor space. These people avoid thinking out the best strategy for their outdoor area and up with a space that has an empty feel to it. There’s a big difference between being a minimalist and simply not developing an outdoor space enough. To avoid making this mistake, try to think about what you will be using the outdoor space for and how many people will comfortably be able to enjoy the space.

3. Focusing on Looks and Not Functionality

Shopping for outdoor furniture can be very exciting for property owners. There are tons of options out there to choose from, which is why people often make the mistake of solely focusing on the looks and appearance of outdoor furniture without thinking about functionality. Sure, you can choose trendy and intriguing colors and finished for your outdoor furniture, but if it doesn’t really serve its purpose or is difficult to maintain, it might not be a good choice. For example, choosing outdoor furniture that is easy to clean and will stand up to the elements over time is a great choice. Keeping up with your landscaping is already a big effort, so the last thing you want is to have to focus your time and energy on keeping your outdoor furniture looking good.

4. Lack of Plants in the Outdoor Space

If you are buying outdoor furniture for an outdoor garden area, you probably already have plenty of plants in the surrounding area that provides a great natural contrast to your outdoor furniture. However, if you are designing an outdoor area for your backyard, you could be dealing with an area like a deck or a porch that doesn’t have any plants. It’s up to you to add some green plants and bright flowers to these types of spaces so that you don’t end up with a space that’s too monotone. Create a space that provides you with relaxation and enjoyment by adding natural elements.

5. Forgetting that Rain is Inevitable

The last mistake people make when choosing outdoor furniture is forgetting that rain is inevitable. Just because you buy outdoor furniture doesn’t mean it will be totally fine in the rain. If you have outdoor furniture with cushions, keep in mind that the rain can wear them down and even cause mold to grow on them. If you purchase outdoor furniture with cushions, just remember they will be very soggy and heavy after it rains. They might even take a really long time to dry before you can enjoy them again. The lesson here is that if you buy outdoor furniture, keep in mind that the rain will come eventually at that you should have a plan for when it does rain. A simple solution is taking your cushions inside when you aren’t using them or if you know it will be raining soon. Outdoor fabrics are very sturdy and typically water-repellant, but that doesn’t mean they are fully waterproof.

Adding outdoor furniture to your landscaping is a great way to create a unique and enjoyable area to relax at. However, it’s easy to make any of the mistakes mentioned above if you don’t think things through. Spend some time creating a plan and strategy for your outdoor area before you start shopping so that you avoid making any beginner mistakes. Creating the perfect outdoor is only a few outdoor furniture purchases away.

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