5 Common Benefits of Fertilizers

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September 7, 2020
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September 7, 2020
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5 Common Benefits of Fertilizers

Adding certain landscaping products into your maintenance routine can provide huge improvements for your property over time. There are so many different ways that you can use landscaping products to your advantage, it makes sense to explore each and every one. For example, fertilizers can help you to create a lush green lawn and a garden that is teeming with life. If you’ve had problems growing plants on your property or you simply want to improve the way that the plants look on your property, you owe it to yourself to explore fertilizer.

There are a lot of misconceptions about fertilizer and how it should be used in landscaping. That’s why we’ve created the following article to clear things up for you. Below, we are going to discuss 5 common benefits of using fertilizers so that you know exactly how they can improve your landscaping. If you are interested in purchasing fertilizers or other great landscaping products, reach out to Cal Blend Soils today.

What is Fertilizer?

In basic terms, fertilizer is a landscaping product that is either made from organic or synthetic materials. It is added to either the soil or a plant in order to provide important nutrients that help the plants on your landscape grow better. If you’ve ever struggled to get your lawn looking its best or you are having trouble growing plants on your property, fertilizer is a great landscaping product to consider using. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in purchasing fertilizer for your property or if you have any questions about how fertilizer can benefit your landscaping.

Benefit 1 – Protects the Soil

One of the big benefits that landscapers need to know about when it comes to applying fertilizers to their property is that they can actually help to protect the soil. Your lawn will be thicker if you use fertilizers, it can help to eliminate soil runoff when it rains. Erosion can be a big problem for landscapers, especially if they have worked hard to improve the overall composition of the soil on their property.

Keep in mind that grass draws nutrients directly from the soil in order to grow healthy. When the soil doesn’t runoff, your grass will be stronger and grow faster. Soil that has been properly fertilized will be much less exposed to runoff and other composition-related issues.

Benefit 2 – Fewer Weeds

As a landscaper, dealing with weeds might just be one of the most frustrating issues to deal with. Weeds are invasive plant species that grow all over your property and take valuable nutrients away from the plants that you actually want growing. That’s why you should consider using fertilizer on your property. Fertilizers can lead to fewer weeds and make your life easier from a landscape maintenance perspective.

Most of the fertilizers sold at landscaping products suppliers contain weed prevention treatments. There’s also the fact that since your grass will be healthier and thicker after receiving fertilizer, it will be much less prone to letting weeds take over. A thicker bed of grassroots will keep weeds at bay while making your property look better.

Benefit 3 – Improved Growth

For most landscapers, their lawn or garden is one of the main priorities. That’s because a lawn usually covers a lot of the area on a property and is one of the first things that people notice when they look at a landscape. If you’ve been struggling to get your lawn or garden to grow to its full potential, you owe it to yourself to explore using fertilizers.

When grass isn’t growing in as thick or lush as you expect, the chances are good that it has to do with a lack of nutrients. When the soil has been affected by certain natural factors that reduce its amount of nutrients, fertilizers can end up being very beneficial. The bottom line is that fertilizers are very important if you want to improve the growth of your lawn or your garden. Remember to reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in purchasing fertilizers or other great landscaping products.

Benefit 4 – Pest and Plant Disease Resistance

If you’ve ever dealt with plant diseases or pests that impacted your lawn, you probably already know just how difficult it can be to get rid of them. These issues are more prone to happen to a lawn that is unhealthy or lacking in nutrients. This is another big benefit of using fertilizer in your landscaping activities.

Since fertilizers will help the plants on your property get more nutrients and grow in stronger, they can in turn lower the chances of a serious pest problem or plant disease affecting your lawn. Some fertilizers even contain insecticides, so make sure you read up on the fertilizer you are buying before you make any final decisions.

Benefit 5 – Get Your Grass the Nutrients It Needs

Most people think of two things that their grass needs to grow – water and sunlight. However, your grass also needs certain nutrients to thrive. Those nutrients consist of 3 key elements which are phosphorous, potassium, and nitrate. If the soil is lacking these elements, your grass will never be able to reach its full potential. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of using fertilizers.

The fertilizer will add these key nutrients directly into the soil so that your lawn can grow to its full potential. Once you start seeing the amazing results that fertilizer can provide for your landscaping, you will never go back. Providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs is certainly one of the biggest benefits of using fertilizer.
Contact Cal Blend Soils for All of Your Fertilizer Needs

As you can tell, fertilizers can really offer a lot to landscapers. It is one of the most valuable and important landscaping products to consider investing in, especially if your lawn is a priority. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today if you are interested in purchasing fertilizers and other landscaping supplies at great prices.