Smart Landscaping Tips for First-Time Homeowners

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September 7, 2020
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September 7, 2020
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Smart Landscaping Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Getting a home for the first time is an exciting event that marks the beginning of a new journey. Since a house is usually one of the biggest purchases that we make in our lives, it makes sense that we want to get the most out of it. One of the things that can trip up first-time homeowners is the way that they handle their landscaping. The outdoor area is one of the first things that people notice when they are checking out your home, which is why first-time homeowners should learn a little bit about landscape design and maintenance before they start making moves.

Below, we’ve put together a list of smart landscaping tips for first-time homebuyers to keep in mind. Each one of these tips will help new homebuyers create landscaping that improves the overall curb appeal of their properties and can even increase the overall value of their homes. This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils, the leading supplier of landscaping products in California. Reach out to one of the team members at Cal Blend Soils today to learn about how our great landscaping products can make your landscaping vision become a reality.

Landscaping Tip 1 – Take Your Time with Planning

It’s very exciting when you are closing on your first home purchase. So much so that you probably can’t wait to get started with landscaping and making your property reflect your own unique personality and style. However, one of the big mistakes that first-time homebuyers make is rushing into landscape design and landscaping activities without proper planning. There are quite a few pitfalls that can affect your landscaping if you don’t plan things out, so keep that in mind before you commit to any specific plants or features.

Perhaps the best landscaping tip for first-time homebuyers is to take your time with the planning phases. That way, you can give yourself the best opportunity to achieve exactly what you envision for your outdoor space. Try to find a nice balance between beauty and function when you are planning things out. It’s better to spend extra time during the planning phases than to rush into landscaping and end up dealing with issues that were entirely avoidable.

Landscaping Tip 2 – Budgets Are Important

Another great landscaping tip for first-time homeowners is to create an accurate budget ahead of starting work on your outdoor area. It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to spending money on your landscaping, and this can put extra pressure on your finances if you don’t have a budget planned out. A lot of first-time homebuyers underestimate the amount of money it will cost to create the landscape that they truly want.

Some of the important things to budget for with landscaping include the cost of plants, water bills, installation fees, gardening tools, and any maintenance costs for tasks that you won’t be handling yourself. You will also realize that the best landscapes are the product of great landscaping products, so make sure you budget for those as well. As a reminder, if you are looking to save money on high-quality landscaping products, head over to Cal Blend Soils.

Landscaping Tip 3 – Color is Key

As you begin to plan out your landscaping, it’s a good idea to consider the colors that will make your property truly stand out. First-time homebuyers should try to think about all of the different ways that color can add beauty and character to their outdoor areas. Adding color to a landscape can be accomplished in a variety of different ways, it all depends on the colors you are going for.

Planting annuals and perennials is a great way to add some nice color to your property, while flower shrubs and bushes can instantly add some new colors to your lawn. Make sure you are researching each plant you are planning to use in your landscaping, as you will need to care for them and maintain them over time. Consider planting native plants that are known to grow in your region if you want to make your life easier from a landscape maintenance perspective.

Landscaping Tip 4 – Avoid Over-Watering

Most new homeowners are so excited to head outdoors and work on their properties that they end up getting overambitious when it comes to maintenance tasks. For example, new homeowners often make the mistake of overwatering their plants and lawn. We know that plants need water to grow and reach their full potential, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing and lead to plant diseases and other serious landscaping issues.

It’s best to water your plants deeply a few times a week versus watering them every single day. You should also consider the time of day that you are watering your plants and the season you are watering in. Too much water will drown the seeds of your plants and even kill your plants if you aren’t careful. Make sure you read up on your plants before committing to a watering schedule or check out some of the articles on the Cal Blend Soils blog for more information on how to water plants like a pro.

Landscaping Tip 5 – Try to Keep Things Low Maintenance

If you are new to landscaping or you have never handled landscape maintenance before, it’s a good idea to try to keep things low maintenance. One example would be creating a lawn that has a patio area which leads to less mowing and lawn care work. You can also consider adding drip irrigation systems to make watering your lawn a lot easier.

As we mentioned earlier, planting native plants from your local area can also make life easier for you as a new landscaper. You can also consider using landscaping products like mulch or topsoil to improve your property. The bottom line is that the more you can do ahead of time to make your life easier, the more landscaping success you will have as a first-time homebuyer.