Why You Should Use More Native Plants in Your Landscape

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Why You Should Use More Native Plants in Your Landscape

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Here in California, we have many beautiful plants that are native to the area. Even so, many homeowners don’t take advantage of all the native plants available to them. Using an array of native plants around your home will not only add to the beauty of your yard, but it can also be very beneficial. Here are some of the top benefits of using native plants in your yard:

They are Less Work to Maintain

Because they are living in their natural environment, native plants have a much easier time thriving than other plants. That means you’ll have less need to fertilize or use chemicals to keep your plants looking their best. This is another reason why native plants are both a time and money saver.

You Will Save on Water

Because native plants are adapting to this climate, they require far less water to thrive than exotic plants do. In fact, many varieties of native California plants require almost no watering at all. Instead, they get everything they need from normal levels of rainfall.

You Can Use Less Pesticides

Native plants have naturally built-in defenses against the types of pests that are common in our region. That gives them a leg up on other varieties of plants when it comes to warding off these pests and the diseases that can plague your landscaping. They are so good at defending themselves against local pests that you may not need to use pesticides at all, which is a good thing. Using pesticides can often kill beneficial insects in your garden.

Attract More Wildlife

A good variety of native plants is like a welcome mat to beneficial wildlife and insects such as birds, butterflies, and ladybugs. Local wildlife is definitely more drawn to local plants than they are exotic varieties. If you grow flowers or have an edible garden, native plants are a great way to ensure you attract bees and other pollinators that your plants need to thrive.

Getting Started with Native Plants

A specialized local nursery is the best place to find a wide variety of native plants, however, even your local hardware store should have a decent selection. If you’re not sure what varieties to look for, check to see if your city has a native plant society. There are many organizations throughout Southern California that are dedicated to educating homeowners and businesses about the benefits of using native plants in their landscapes.

The Best Time to Plant

You can start a native plant garden any time throughout the year, however, if you plant during fall and the first part of winter, this will give your plants the best chance of really getting established before it’s time for the spring blooming season. Come springtime your yard could be carpeted with a beautiful array of colorful flowers, all local to California.

Watering Tips

Remember that native plants will require much less watering than exotic varieties. Be careful not to over-water your native plants, especially in the early months after you’ve planted them in the ground. Overwatering can cut off valuable oxygen to the roots of your plants and cause them to die. Generally, watering native plants every 1-2 weeks will be sufficient, however, you will want to do some research on the particular watering needs of your chosen varieties of native plants.

Fertilizing Your Plants

One of the benefits of native plants is that they really don’t require fertilizer to do well. In fact, many varieties of native plants will actually thrive more if you do not fertilize them. Nevertheless, there are ways you can ensure that your native plants get the nutrition they need. Of course, you will want to start with quality topsoil when planting them. After that, it’s recommended that you use mulch around your native plants to help with water retention and to keep away any weeds.

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