Why You Should Mow Your Lawn Weekly

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October 10, 2020
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October 10, 2020
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Why You Should Mow Your Lawn Weekly

There’s something special about a green and well-manicured lawn. When every blade of grass works in harmony to make a positive impact on your landscaping, you know you are doing things right. However, lawn maintenance can be a challenge for even the most experienced landscapers. There are so many different variables that can impact the way your grass looks, which is why many landscapers struggle to try to figure out the best way to approach lawn maintenance. One of the more important landscaping activities that you should keep in mind is mowing.

There’s a fine line between mowing too often and mowing too infrequently. If you really want to achieve the best results for your property, you need to figure out the right frequency to head outside with your mower. The truth is that the best lawns are the products of meticulous attention to detail and weekly mowing. If you aren’t sure about why you should be mowing weekly, we’ve put together a short article that provides a few solid reasons why. This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils, the leading supplier of landscaping products in the California area. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today to learn more about how our great landscaping products can help you achieve your goals.

Reason 1 – Better Overall Curb Appeal

We know that our lawns make up a huge part of our overall properties, which is why heading outside to mow them every week makes so much sense. By mowing weekly, you will keep your lawn looking great and improve your overall curb appeal in the process. Waiting too long between mowing will result in your grass becoming overgrown and detracting from the overall curb appeal of your landscape.

When someone looks at your property, you want them to be impressed by your attention to detail. One of the best ways to do that is to keep mowing your lawn on a weekly schedule. When your grass becomes overgrown, there will also be more clippings that can be a pain to clean up. If you are consistently mowing every single week, you can make your life easier from a cleanup perspective with the clippings. If you really want better overall curb appeal on your property, weekly mowing is the way to go.

Reason 2 – Makes Your Lawn Stronger

Believe it or not, weekly mowing will end up making your lawn much stronger over time. The reason is that every time you are mowing your lawn, you are stopping the horizontal growth of each blade of grass. This is good because it will cause the grass to grow thicker at the base, which results in a stronger lawn over time.

Another reason why weekly mowing will make your lawn stronger is that it will get rid of the weaker shoots of grass while leaving the healthier shoots to flourish. Make sure you are heading outside every week to mow your lawn if you really want it to reach its full health potential. Just make sure you are considering the length you are cutting, as it can be quite easy to mow your lawn too short if you aren’t careful.

Reason 3 – Reduces Thatch

As we mentioned earlier in the article, mowing your lawn every week will lead to fewer grass clippings to deal with. This is good because it can lead to less thatch build up on your yard. Thatch is basically a layer of organic matter, like grass clippings, that accumulate around the base of your grass. If you let thatch build up too much, it can lead to serious issues for your lawn that is very difficult to deal with.

Shorter grass clippings from weekly mowing are also nutrient-dense and will break down quicker, which can be another huge plus for the overall health of your lawn. Excessive thatch can be a big headache and lead to plant diseases, pests, and poor absorption of water and nutrients for your lawn. Keep that in mind when you are debating whether or not to commit to weekly mowing.

Reason 4 – Lower Chances of a Brown Lawn

If you aren’t mowing your lawn weekly, it’s likely that you are increasing the chances that your lawn turns brown or is impacted by brown spots. With bi-weekly mowing, your lawn is much more susceptible to shock and permanent damage. That’s because each mowing will be a dramatic change for your lawn and put it under additional stress.

Also, as we mentioned earlier in the article, weekly mowing will make your lawn healthier and stronger over time. This will decrease the chances that brown spots end up impacting your grass. Weekly mowing is a simple way to avoid the frustrating brown spots that affect landscapes.

Reason 5 – Health Benefits

One of the things that many landscapers tend to overlook when it comes to mowing their lawn is the health benefits that it provides. That’s right, going outside to mow your lawn will actually improve your overall health over time. You will get some extra cardio as you push your mower across the lawn that will provide a nice workout. If you do that every week, you will certainly be healthier.

There’s also the mental health benefits of heading outside and mowing your lawn weekly. Things like fresh air, nature, and the satisfaction you get by maintaining your lawn will all reward you with better mental health. Don’t underestimate this valuable reason why mowing your lawn weekly is such a great idea.

Final Thoughts

Mowing your lawn weekly can provide plenty of great benefits and is one of the easiest ways to improve the curb appeal of your landscaping. Make sure you commit to a regular lawn maintenance routine if you want your property to reach its full potential. As a reminder, you can always reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in purchasing the best landscaping products on the market to take your property to new levels of success.