Why Planting in the Fall Makes So Much Sense

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Why Planting in the Fall Makes So Much Sense

Anytime you are thinking about heading outside to work on your landscaping, the time of year will play a factor. This is particularly true if you are planting things outside. There are certain times of the year that are perfect for planting things and certain times that are less than ideal. Most people think that springtime is the best opportunity to head outside and plant things. Sure, the spring is nice for planting, but the fall offers clever landscapers a great opportunity to head outside as well.

When it comes to finding success with plants, you have to give them the best set of circumstances to grow. For certain plants like perennials, shrubs, and bulbs, it makes a lot of sense to get them planted in the fall. There are a ton of advantages to planting things in the fall, which is why we’ve prepared a list of them below. Keep reading below to learn more and remember to head over to Cal Blend Soils for all of your landscaping product needs.

1. The Weather is Perfect

If you’ve ever tried working outside on your landscaping during the hot summer days, you understand how much of a factor the weather can play. There’s nothing like trying to get through hard yard work during the hottest days of the year. That’s why planting in the fall makes so much sense. The fall offers the perfect weather to get work done outside. There’s usually a slight refreshing breeze and the temperatures aren’t going to cause you to break a sweat. There’s something so refreshing about enjoying the crisp fall weather and working on your landscaping. That’s why you should head outside this fall to get some planting done!

2. Plants Need Less Water

Anytime you are planting new things in your landscaping, you need to take into account how much water they will need to thrive. If you plant during the spring or the summer, you will have to provide your plants with a lot of water due to the hot temperatures and sun. Evaporation is common during the hotter months of the year, meaning that your plants won’t be able to soak up all of the water you give them. That’s another reason why planting in the fall makes a lot of sense. You won’t have to water your plants as much thanks to less evaporation and shorter days. Colder weather usually changes the way that plants photosynthesize, meaning that they won’t need as much water to grow.

3. Give Your Plants a Head Start on Growth

If you are planning to plant things like perennials and wildflowers, getting them in the ground during the fall is a great idea. That’s because you can give them a head start on their growth. When the spring rolls around, your plants will have already developed a solid root system and be ready to bloom when the weather warms up. This can be a great way to make sure your landscaping looks fantastic this spring, and you get to take advantage of all of the other benefits mentioned in this article too!

4. Fewer Pests

Dealing with pests is an unfortunate reality for many landscapers and gardeners out there. Pests can derail your landscaping efforts and cause irreparable damage to your plants if you aren’t careful. That’s another reason why planting in the fall makes so much sense. There simply aren’t as many pests during the cooler months of the year. That means you won’t have to worry about pests taking over your garden or landscape. Having your plant’s leaves chewed up by pests is an annoying and frustrating occurrence that can be avoided by planting in the fall.

5. It’s More Enjoyable

Perhaps the best reason to focus on your planting in the fall is that it is more enjoyable. That’s right, working on your landscaping in the fall is much more enjoyable than working out in the hot sun. The beautiful weather and fresh breezes make spending time outside during the fall truly delightful. You will get better landscaping results if you are enjoying the time you spend working outside. That’s why it makes so much sense to focus on planting in the fall.

6. Fewer Weeds

Anytime you notice that weeds are present in your landscaping, it’s cause for concern. That’s because weeds compete for water and nutrients with the plants you actually want to grow. If you head out to plant things during the fall, there will be much fewer weeds. That means your new plants will be able to soak up all of the nutrients and water they need to flourish during the spring. You also might want to lay down a layer of mulch before the winter weather hits to help protect your plants from weeds and the harsh cold temperatures. If you are interested in purchasing high-quality mulch for your property, head over to Cal Blend Soils today.

As you can see, planting during the fall months makes a lot of sense. There are plenty of benefits associated with working on your landscaping in the fall. Just because you have the impression that planting things during the spring is the conventional way to go doesn’t mean you have to avoid planting during the fall. Always remember that every type of plant is different and each species has its own set of unique requirements for growing. Remember that if you decide to plant things during the fall that they are the right types of plants to make it through the winter.

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