Why Healthy Roots Are So Important

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April 3, 2019
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April 3, 2019
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Why Healthy Roots Are So Important

Gardening is an amazing opportunity for us to connect with nature while making an improvement to our property. It can provide us with incredible natural beauty to enjoy on a daily basis and also can even improve the value of our properties. If you aren’t familiar with how plants function and grow, you will have a hard time achieving gardening success. Plants and flowers are complex life forms that require care and devotion to really grow well. Healthy roots are absolutely essential for any plant and directly drive plant growth. Did you know that the bigger a plant’s roots are, the healthier and bigger it will grow? Below, we will help you to better understand why healthy roots are so important in gardening and landscaping. This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils Inc, the best landscaping and gardening products provider in California.

What Are Roots?

Roots are the part of the plant that grows underground. They are constantly providing the plants in your landscaping or garden with water, nutrients, and minerals. There are many different types of root systems like Taproots and Fibrous to learn about.

Why do we want healthy roots?

Healthy roots are important in landscaping and gardening for a variety of different reasons. They anchor our plants down and provide them with stability so that they can grow. They are also the way that plants receive water, nutrients, and air from the soil. The roots absorb all of these things from the soil and send them up to the stem and leaves of the plant above ground. This allows photosynthesis to occur for plants, which is essential for the growth of any plant. Roots also are known to secrete compounds into the soil that can encourage the presence of microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms can help to protect the plant from diseases and allow it to absorb even more nutrients from the soil.

How do you get healthier roots?

Creating the perfect soil environment for your plants will help you to get healthier roots. You want soil that is rich in nutrients and has the right pH levels for your plants to thrive. You can always purchase gardening products like topsoil, soil amendments, mulch, compost to help improve the overall quality of your soil. You should also be regularly testing your soil for its consistency and nutrient levels. You don’t want your soil to get too compacted either, otherwise, the roots of your plants won’t be able to grow out to their full capacity. Be conscious of the amount of foot traffic your gardening and landscaping receives.

How to Create a Good Environment for Healthy Roots

Before you plant anything, you should be thinking about the best ways to create an environment that promotes healthy roots. You can use containers and raised beds and fill them up with potting mix to help your plants flourish. If you are planting an in-ground garden, you will want to use lots of organic matter to improve the quality of the soil and allow your plants to grow healthy and strong. Topsoil is another landscaping product you can use to improve the quality of your soil.

Other Steps for Achieving Healthy Roots

In order to get truly healthy roots, you need to provide your plants with regular water and food. Watering your plants is an absolute must if you want them to grow and have healthy roots. Whenever you are watering your plants, make sure you water them deeply. Keep an eye on how much it rains when you are determining how often to water your plants because you don’t want to overwater them. You can also look into fertilizers and other landscaping products to help your plant’s roots grow strong. It’s also important to consider microorganisms in your soil. There are plenty of beneficial fungi, bacteria, and worms that you can look into introducing into your landscaping ecosystem. It’s also very important to keep in mind what type of plants you are trying to grow because each one has its own preferences for its conditions.

Anytime you are looking to improve the health of your roots, you can always reach out to Cal Blend Soils Inc. We have tons of different gardening and landscaping products to choose from at incredible prices. Compost is one product that can definitely help you improve your landscaping.

What is compost?

Compost is a term that can actually mean a lot of things, but we will start with how it relates to landscaping. Compost is essentially decomposing organic material that we use to increase the health of our soil. Healthier soil means healthier roots that allow our plants to grow faster. Compost is rich in nutrients and helps to create soil microbes that make plants grow better and allow their roots to grow stronger as well.

Compost can be purchased as a physical good from professional suppliers like Cal Blend Soils Inc. and applied to your yard, garden, or any other landscapes. Composting is also a scientific process that allows organic waste to be broken down. It is a concept that has been used for thousands of years, as there is actually evidence that ancient Roman and Indian cultures used the technique to improve the yields of their crops and improve their communities. You might be wondering what the difference between compost and fertilizer is. It’s simple, the difference is that compost helps to improve and feed the soil while fertilizer is designed to feed plants. Compost is considered to be a soil amendment that directly improves the soil.

We hope this article has provided you with some valuable insight into why healthy roots are so important. If you are a gardener or landscaper, you definitely want to keep your plant’s roots healthy and your soil full of nutrients. If you have any questions about root health or would like to discuss some of our great gardening products, contact Cal Blend Soils Inc. today!