When To Say Nope To The Slope-10 Signs You Need A Retaining Wall Design

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When To Say Nope To The Slope-10 Signs You Need A Retaining Wall Design

retaining wall design

Does it feel like your yard is running away from you? It might if you have a slope issue.

A sloping yard can really be annoying, plus it can lessen your amount of usable space. But if that’s how your yard is, you’ll just have to deal with it, right? Wrong!

Retaining walls help hold back the eroding parts of your yard. Plus, a great retaining wall design can even improve your landscaping while they’re at it.

But do you actually need a retaining wall? Here are ten signs that you should get one.

1. You Live By a Steep Slope

Take a look at the location of your home. Is it located near the bottom of a steep slope? If it is, you should seriously consider getting a retaining wall.

Retaining walls are great for holding back eroding earth, which is definitely a thing on steep slopes. Keep the dirt and rocks out of your landscaped yard by holding them back with a retaining wall.

2. Part of Your Land is Unusable

You may have an area in your yard or on your property that you just can’t use because it won’t stay put. If this is the case, a retaining wall can make that land usable again.

Land that keeps sliding isn’t ideal for any sort of planting or decoration. A retaining wall can hold that land in place. Once the wall is installed you’ll have a barrier, which will allow you to plant on the previously unusable land.

3. Your Foundation Needs Protection

The foundation of your home may be in danger if you live on a slope. That’s because the land may be eroding right into the foundation, putting a lot of pressure on it.

Relieve your foundation with a retaining wall. Once the wall is in place, it will take all that force and your home’s foundation can simply do its job.

4. Your Yard Seems Like One Big Hill

Retaining walls are great for adding character and levels to your yard. If you have a hill for a yard, retaining walls are the perfect thing to make it more interesting.

Simply dig into the hill and create areas with different levels. You can then use walls to hold those levels in place. This will add a huge amount of interest to your yard.

From here you can add stairs, water features, or flower beds, to make things even more interesting and beautiful.

5. You Live in an Area Prone to Mudslides

If you live in a mudslide zone, a retaining wall can provide peace of mind. Even if that’s the only reason you add the wall, it’s well worth it.

Choose an attractive material to build your wall from and you’ll end up with a nice yard feature as well.

6. You Want Extra Seating

Have you wished there were more seating areas in your yard? Retaining walls can be perfect for adding that space you need. Use them to section off parts of the yard for tables and chairs, or allow your guests to sit on the walls themselves.

To make things extra fun, use both types of seating for some variety.

7. Water Runoff is a Problem

If you live in the path of regular water runoff, a retaining wall can help block that water. The wall will help redirect the water so it goes somewhere besides your basement.

Make sure your placement is kind to neighbors. You don’t want to add a wall where it would direct water into someone else’s yard or home!

8. You Like the Look of Raised Beds

Raised flower beds add dimension and beauty to any yard. Get the look you want by adding retaining walls. Feel free to create beds of different sizes, if you want, or go for a more uniform look throughout your entire yard.

If you do choose beds of different sizes, try tying them all together by including similar or the same type of plants in each one. The colors and shapes will grab the attention of all who see and they’ll love your yard-wide design.

9. You Want to Add a Wooden Element to Your Yard

You may be thinking that retaining walls are always made from some sort of stone. That simply isn’t the case, though! Retaining walls can also be made of timber.

The addition of timber into your landscaping can add a natural sort of beauty that can’t be found another way. Give it a try, if you want!

10. You Have a Hard Time Bending Down

Do you enjoy gardening but your back isn’t so into the idea anymore? Elevated beds for flowers or vegetables can help remedy the situation.

Use retaining walls to elevate the areas where you’ll need to weed or harvest. This will help relieve the physical stress that comes from bending down or kneeling on the ground.

Plus, the wall provides a great place for you to rest the basket or other containers you’re using to carry those vegetables or weeds.

Create Your Retaining Wall Design Today

A great retaining wall design can mean the difference between a boring yard and an exciting one. It can also provide peace of mind when needed.

Whatever your reasons for installing a retaining wall, you can get started today. Simply take a look at your yard and create a design that fits your wants and needs. Don’t forget to consult an engineer, if needed.

Looking to update the look of your entire yard? Pair your new retaining wall with these gorgeous landscape rocks.