Using Boulders in Landscaping

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Using Boulders in Landscaping

The best landscapes are the products of attention to detail and creative output. To create a truly memorable and impressive landscape design, you should explore using different textures, sizes, shapes, and colors. By utilizing multiple landscaping products and landscape design elements, you can create a truly unique outdoor space that you will love spending time in day in and day out. One of the ways to really set your landscaping apart is to invest in boulders. These large rocks can add interesting textures and colors to your property and even serve as the main focal point.

Creative landscapers love all of the different ways that they can incorporate boulders into their landscaping. They are the perfect complement to the green plants and colorful flowers that usually feature in most outdoor spaces. A boulder is defined as any rock that is larger than 16” in diameter. You can typically choose from round boulders and angular boulders depending on your own personal preferences. If you aren’t really sure about how to use boulders in your landscaping, this article should help you out. Below, we are going to provide a few different ways that you can use boulders in your landscaping. Remember to reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in purchasing boulders for your landscaping at a great price.

Keep Size in Mind

If you are committed to using boulders in your landscaping, there are several things to think about before you begin. One of the most important factors is the size of the boulder and how it will fit into your overall design. Boulders can come in all different shapes and sizes, but most of them will be on the large side of things. With that said, you don’t necessarily have to avoid using big boulders if they work for your property.

One thing to remember is that when you are selecting boulders to bring back to your property, you might be under the impression that a certain boulder is too big. However, it’s quite common for landscapers to underestimate the size of the boulder that they actually need. Make sure you keep that in mind going forward and consider choosing a boulder that might seem a little too large since it will likely end up being the right choice.

Group Boulders Together

You might be thinking that one boulder should be enough for your landscaping, but you can actually group several of them together for a unique design. As long as you are using boulders in a way that compliments the beauty of your home and elevates the style of your property, there’s no limit to the number of boulders you might consider using. With that said, make sure your boulders are grouped in a way that makes sense.

For example, you can group boulders together in threes and consider placing two boulders next to each other with a third nearby. The ultimate goal is to create harmony when grouping multiple boulders together, so make sure you plan things out ahead of time before you commit to anything.

Consider the Age of the Boulders

Another one of the things that landscapers tend to overlook is the age of the boulders that they are planning to use in their landscape design. Your goal should be to add boulders that look like they have always been on your property instead of looking like they were added there by hand. That way, your boulders will fit into your landscape effortlessly and not detract from the natural beauty of your property.

One way to do this is to encourage moss growth on a boulder to make it seem like it has been there for years. You also might want to think about certain lighting that changes the way that your boulders look at night. Backlighting can be a nice way to change the way that your boulders look.

Colors are Plentiful

Believe it or not, boulders can come in a lot of different colors for you to choose from. That means finding a boulder that matches your home’s style and your landscaping vision is not difficult. You don’t necessarily have to stick to either gray or brown, which means you are not limited in what you can do from a design perspective.

Consider using a color that really sticks out to make a statement on your property. This is even better if you are using your boulder as a focal point for your landscaping. Colors like pink, tan, green, brown, gold and gray are usually the options that are available to choose from. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils to learn more about boulders and check to see which colors we have available to purchase.

Create a Natural Birdbath

If you really want to get creative with your boulder installation, consider using it to create a natural birdbath. First, you will need to find any concave sides to the boulder you are adding to your property. If your boulder has that feature, you can place the boulder on your property in a way that allows the concave side to trap water after it rains.

This is a great way to increase the number of birds on your property while also adding a great landscape design element to your property. You can’t go wrong with using a boulder to create a natural birdbath, especially if you are an animal lover.

Get Your Boulders from Cal Blend Soils

As you can see, boulders have a lot to offer any landscape. If you are interested in purchasing a boulder or other landscaping products, reach out to Cal Blend Soils. We offer a wide selection of sizes & shapes and can help you out with placement service as well if you need help. Contact one of our team members today to learn more about our boulder selection or if you have any questions about our great selection of landscaping products.