Understanding Soil Additives

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February 27, 2019
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Understanding Soil Additives

The soil is where your plants live, grow, and flourish. They use it to perform their natural functions and stay healthy. Breathing, eating, and growing are all results of a plants relationship with its soil. That’s why it is so important to keep your soil in top shape. Any good landscaper or gardener will agree that soil is the most important factor in the success of plant growth. Soil usually consists of a combination of minerals, nutrients, organic material, and water. If your plants or garden is not growing well, it likely has a lot to do with the quality of the soil. There is one product you can purchase that can dramatically improve the quality of your soil. Soil additives are the answer for improving the physical properties of your soil. If you are looking for high-quality soil additives at great prices, contact Cal Blend Soils Inc to place your order today. If you are planning on gardening or landscaping, it can be very beneficial to understand what soil additives are and why you should incorporate them into your landscaping projects.

Soil Additives Improve the Quality of Your Soil

 An organic soil additive will make your garden prosper. You can’t really remove things that you don’t want in your soil, other than weeds and rocks, but you can certainly add things. Your soil’s pH levels, nutritional ingredients, and texture can all be improved by using high-quality soil additives. Let’s take a look at how soil additives can improve each of these below.

Improving Soil Nutrition

Improving soil nutrition can help prevent plant-based diseases and bacteria and promote proper drainage. Plants need to soak up lots of nutrients in their roots to grow. That means maintaining the right levels of nutrition in your soil is absolutely key. The best soil additive for improving soil texture has to be organic compost. Compost is decaying organic matter that promotes healthier soil. Healthier soil means healthier plants that grow faster. It’s rich in nutrients and helps to create soil microbes that make plants grow better. It can be purchased as a physical good from professional suppliers like Cal Blend Soils Inc and applied to your yard, garden, or any other landscapes.

Improving pH Levels

When we are trying to determine the health of soil, checking its pH levels is a common way to do so. It’s a scale that ranges from 1 to 14, with lower pH numbers meaning that the soil is more acidic and higher pH numbers meaning that the soil is more alkaline. The pH level directly relates to how suitable it is for growing plant life in your garden or yard. Soil will typically get more acidic over time, which means you need to check the pH levels every now and then to gauge where your soil is at. Garden plants will thrive in soil with pH levels around 6 or 7 on the scale. If you notice that your pH levels aren’t where you want them to be, soil additives are your best bet for changing things up.

Improving Soil Texture

The texture of your soil is another essential element to keep in mind for forming the perfect garden or landscape. Soil with too much clay content will hold too much water and prevent drainage. Soil with too much sand makes water drain too quickly and can prevent plants from getting the fluids they need. Finding a balance is key. That’s why soil additives are so helpful because they can ensure that plants have the absolute best environment for growing.

Soil Additive Related Issues

Soil additives come in a variety of different forms. There are a few things you should watch out for if you are going to use soil additives like manure and wood ash to help with the quality of your soil. Using too much of these soil additive types can lead to extremely high levels of salt that builds up in the soil. Some forms of compost that haven’t been treated properly for bacteria will contain weeds or bacteria that does your garden more harm than good. Keeping those risks in mind is paramount if you plan on growing edible crops in your garden.

Soil Additives Available from Cal Blend

Cal Blend Soils Inc offers lots of different options for soil additives that can dramatically improve the quality of your soil. Fertilizers and compost are two great options, but we also can provide Coco chip, Gypsum, and Perlite in bulk so that you can get your soil right. Each one has its own unique properties that might work better for your garden than other options.

Coco chip is a peat moss substitute that offers a sustainable, long-lasting, and lightweight planting medium. They are made from coconut husks, are organic, and can withstand inclement weather. Our coco chips are very high quality, which means they will absorb water and release it incrementally over time.

Gypsum is calcified sulfate, which is a mineral that is commonly found in nature. Its great for breaking up the soil with high levels of clay and removing excess sodium for soil. You can use it to achieve a significant change in your soil’s texture and adjust pH levels.

Perlite is a form of volcanic glass that occurs naturally in various places all over the world. It typically looks like tiny white specks and improves aeration and soil structure.

All of these great soil additives can be of great use for your garden. Each one can be used to improve the nutrition levels, texture, and pH levels of your soil so that you can grow exactly what you want. Cal Blend Soils Inc can provide you with the best landscaping product on the market at the best prices. We will deliver the products you need to the location of your choice so that you can get started on your project right away. Contact us today for a free quote.