Ultimate List of Spring Gardening Tips

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May 3, 2019
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Ultimate List of Spring Gardening Tips

The springtime brings us new plant life and a fresh opportunity at creating the garden we’ve always wanted. That being said, it can be a difficult time for any gardener. Assessing any damage that occurred over the winter, making sure things are ideal for the upcoming warm weather, and getting rid of weeds are all regular problems that gardeners will face this spring. Don’t let spring gardening get you stressed out. Instead, take this time as an opportunity to create the best version of your garden you’ve ever had. With a few small tasks, you can help your garden get ready to flourish during this spring and beyond. Keep reading on to learn the ultimate list of spring gardening tips. If you follow this advice, your garden will be ready to thrive in spring and for the rest of the year! This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils Inc., if you have any landscaping or gardening needs this spring, reach out to us today.

Get the Grass Out of Your Beds

Sometimes, you will be struggling to get grass to grow in your lawn. Other times, you will have to remove all of the grass that is overrunning your flower beds. Grass grows on its own terms, which is why this is an important activity to partake in this spring. Once the grass has started growing in your beds, it’s difficult to remove. That’s why it’s a great idea to try to remove the grass from all of your beds before your plants start getting into spring growth mode. The grass will be competing with your plants for nutrients and water, which can hinder the success of your garden.

Perform a Soil Test

Another great spring gardening tip is to test the quality of your soil. If you can get a good idea of the pH levels and nutrient contents of your soil, it’s fairly easy to buy the additives you need and get your soil at its maximum capabilities. You can always purchase soil additives and organic compost from Cal Blend Soils Inc. to get your soil right for the springtime. If you have any questions about testing your soil or would like help with performing a soil test, reach out to Cal Blend Soils Inc. today.

Trim the Perennials

If you have perennials in your garden, it’s a great idea to trim them before you other plants start growing in. It can be very challenging to trim dead twigs and branches away when the rest of the plant is blooming, so it’s best to take care of the trimming sooner rather than later. A lot of success in gardening has to do with timing. The early springtime is the perfect time to trim your perennials. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way.

Purchase the Best Mulch

Mulch is a great landscaping product to purchase for your garden for a variety of reasons. It helps to prevent weeds, which is great because weeds can derail your entire garden by robbing your plants and flowers of the nutrients they need. Mulch can also help to regulate the temperature of your soil. Mulch comes in a variety of different forms, which is great for gardeners who like an added level of customization. You can shop for the best mulch on the market by heading over to Cal Blend Soils Inc.

Get Your Raised Beds Right

If you have raised beds in your garden, now is the perfect time to get them ready for spring. It’s a good idea to remove all of the weeds and add organic compost to them. You can also test the soil inside your raised beds to figure out if they are ready for the spring. After you have done this step, you want your raised beds to be ready for planting, so don’t cut corners!

Decide on What New Plants You Are Adding

The winter can be a long season for gardeners that are anxious to get back out into the sun and work in their garden. That’s why it’s a good idea to always think about what kind of plants you would like to add to your garden in the spring. This decision should not be taken lightly, as not all plants will work well in your garden. Keep in mind the existing plants in your garden, the temperature, the weather in your region, and the level of sunlight that your garden receives before deciding on what new plants you are adding in the springtime.

Ask for Advice from the Pros

Perhaps one of the best spring gardening tips around is to ask for advice from the pros. The best gardeners are those that are hungry for new knowledge and gardening techniques. You can do research on the internet about gardening or reach out to a professional landscape supply company like Cal Blend Soils Inc. for assistance. The gardening community is always helpful and ready to share the tips and techniques that are helping gardeners find success. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and try new things in your garden this spring. It’s the perfect opportunity to try something new.

Get the Right Tools

The best gardeners know how important the tools that they use are. If you have gardening tools that you have used before, it’s a good idea to pull them out after the winter and take a look at their condition. You should clean them off and sharpen them before you start gardening. If you don’t have any gardening tools, head to your local store to obtain the essentials. Look into getting shears, shovels, and gloves. These are all tools that you can use on a regular basis while working in the garden. The right tools will provide you with the best opportunity for success with your garden.

We hope this list of spring gardening tips has given you some priceless insight into how to take your garden to the next level! Good luck with your spring gardening and remember to reach out to Cal Blend Soils Inc. for all of your gardening and landscaping needs.