Topsoil versus Compost: Which One Is Right for Your Landscape?

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June 1, 2020
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June 1, 2020
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Topsoil versus Compost: Which One Is Right for Your Landscape?

Most landscapers quickly learn just how important it is to keep the ground beneath the surface in good shape. Without the right levels of nutrients, your landscape will never be able to reach its full potential. In fact, if the soil on your property isn’t where it needs to be in terms of composition, you will probably be dealing with landscaping issues for years to come. That’s why it’s a good idea to explore landscaping products and supplies that can positively impact the quality of your soil. After you get your soil where it needs to be, the sky is the limit for your property.

There are two landscaping products that many people turn to when they want to improve the quality of the soil on their property. Topsoil is rich in nutrients and can make an instant positive impact on your land while compost uses a combination of natural materials that slowly decomposes and adds nutrients to the soil. Both of these can be used to great success, but you might be wondering which one is right for your landscape? We’ve put together the following article to provide a more detailed look at both of these great landscaping supplies and how they each can benefit your property. Remember to reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in purchasing landscaping supplies like topsoil at great prices.

Compost: Organic Matter Rich with Nutrients

If you are looking for a landscaping supply that will directly add nutrients into the soil over a period of time, compost is a nice option to explore. Compost is defined as decomposed organic matter. It can consist of a variety of different things, but most commonly it is made from things like food scraps, vegetable peelings, dead leaves, and even paper and cardboard. The materials are mixed together and placed inside a compost bin to begin decomposing.

Compost is most commonly used by gardeners that are interested in improving the quality of the soil and helping their plants get more nutrients. The benefits are that it contains tons of nutrients and is easy to work into the soil. Simply add compost into your soil by raking or tilling it in to give your soil an extra boost of nutrients. Another huge plus of using compost is that it promotes healthy plant growth by adding beneficial microorganisms into the soil as it decomposes.

This landscaping supply isn’t perfect, as there are a few downsides that you need to be aware of before adding it into your landscaping routine. Since compost is made from decomposing materials, it emits a pungent odor that can be unpleasant. It usually takes quite a long period of time for the compostable to actually break down completely, which means it might not be the fastest way to add nutrients directly to the soil. Sometimes, compost is not screened for containments, so you might be doing more harm than good if you get a bad batch and add it to your land. With that said, compost has a lot to offer most landscapers and is absolutely worth a look.

Topsoil: Powerful Plant Nutrition

Topsoil is a term that refers to the top layer of the soil which tends to be very rich in nutrients and other organic materials. You can purchase topsoil from most major landscaping product suppliers and easily incorporate them into your landscaping. The big reason why topsoil is such a valuable landscaping product to use is that it improves the quality and composition of the soil in a variety of different ways.

This is a landscaping product that is most effective when you have tested your soil and you know what it needs. Get your soil tested and try to determine its overall composition and whether you need topsoil that includes high levels of sand, silt, or clay. The biggest benefit is that it promotes healthy plant growth thanks to the nutrients it adds to your landscaping. The best topsoil will help your plants to develop stronger root systems and make it easier for your plants to soak up valuable nutrition from the ground. It can also help you prevent erosion from washing your valuable soil away after heavy rains.

Buying topsoil is easy thanks to Cal Blend Soils. Simply reach out to one of our team members to learn more about our topsoil options and which one is right for your property. You can also browse our incredible selection of high-quality landscaping supplies on our website. We even offer discounts on bulk purchases and can deliver our topsoil and other landscaping products to the location of your choice.

Topsoil Versus Compost

Now that we know more about these great landscaping products, its time to determine which one is right for your landscaping. If you are looking for something that will enrich your garden with nutrients and provide an eco-friendly way to get rid of old vegetable scraps and other waste, compost is a nice option. However, keep in mind that it takes up a lot of space to create on your own and tends to emit an unpleasant odor. There’s also the risk of creating more problems by adding compost that has been compromised. Topsoil is the right choice since it is perfect for creating new gardens, leveling out your lawn, and improving the overall composition of the soil on your property. Connect with Cal Blend Soils today to learn more about how topsoil can benefit your property or make a purchase.

We hope this article has provided you with some valuable insight into some of the great landscaping supplies that are available to you. By incorporating high-quality landscaping supplies from Cal Blend Soils into your routine, your property will reach new levels of success. Connect with one of our team members today if you have any questions about the products mentioned above or if you would like to place an order.