Tips for Using Topsoil on Your Lawn

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October 10, 2020
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October 16, 2020
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Tips for Using Topsoil on Your Lawn

If you are looking for a thick and healthy lawn, it helps to know what kinds of landscaping products will be useful. There are so many different choices when it comes to choosing landscaping supplies, which is why it pays to learn a little bit about each one so that you have the information you need to succeed. We all know how important a healthy and vibrant lawn is to the overall appearance of your landscape. The problem for many landscapers is that since the lawn covers such a large portion of their property, it can be challenging to keep it looking great. Issues like brown spots and dead grass can completely detract from your outdoor space and leave you scrambling to figure out how to fix them. That’s where topsoil comes into the mix.

Topsoil is a landscaping product that can be used to dramatically improve your lawn. It can be used on established lawns to keep your grass healthy and to help it reach its full potential. If you aren’t familiar with topsoil or you aren’t sure of how to use it on your lawn, this article is for you. Below, we are going to mention a few smart tips for using topsoil on your lawn so that you can take advantage of this great landscaping product. If you are interested in purchasing topsoil or other great landscaping products at amazing prices, reach out to Cal Blend Soils today. We offer discounts on bulk purchases and can even deliver our great landscaping products to the location of your choice for added convenience.

Why Use Topsoil on Your Lawn?

Before we dive into some tips for using topsoil on your lawn, let’s discuss why it’s a great landscaping product to consider. Topsoil is essentially the top layer of dirt that covers the first 5-6 inches of the ground. It is made up of three main ingredients, sand, clay, and silt. Topsoil is very rich in nutrients and minerals that can help your lawn grow healthy and strong. There are plenty of great reasons to consider using topsoil on your grass since it is such a nutrient-dense landscaping product.

Topsoil can help you deal with issues related to compacted soil on your lawn due to high foot-traffic. It can also help you to improve drainage and drought-resistance for your lawn. Some landscapers use it to even out the terrain and reduce the need for fertilizers. It can also help landscapers deal with bare spots on their lawn along with low spots due to erosion. The bottom line is that topsoil can benefit a lawn in so many different ways thanks to its nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. It makes a lot of sense to consider using topsoil on your lawn if you are interested in taking your outdoor area to a new level of success.

Now, let’s take a look at some tips for using topsoil on your lawn.

Tip 1 – Use Topsoil for Top-Dressing

If your lawn is struggling, you might want to consider top-dressing it with topsoil. This is a technique that involves adding a thin layer of soil over the lawn. It will allow you to improve your lawn without killing any of the existing turf. If you are interested in top-dressing your lawn, make sure you do it during the right time of year. The best opportunity for top-dressing is in the early fall or the spring so that your grass will be able to grow before it gets too hot or cold. Another approach is to top-dress certain problem areas on your lawn as you locate them.

To top-dress your lawn, you will need to aerate your lawn first. Next, make sure your topsoil is the right mixture of sand, loam, and peat depending on the soil on your property. After you have your topsoil mix, you can apply it onto your lawn by spreading it over the lawn where needed. The goal is to continuously mix the topsoil into the grass until it is applied at an even level. Finally, make sure you water your lawn and let the mixture settle for a few days before going out to smooth things over.

Tip 2 – Utilize Topsoil for Fixing Uneven and Patchy Lawns

Another great tip for using topsoil on your landscaping is to utilize it for fixing uneven and patchy areas of grass. This is a common problem that affects plenty of landscapers out there. If you notice an area of your lawn that looks uneven or patchy, you can spread topsoil across the area so that it is around 1 inch deep. Next, spread grass seeds evenly and till the soil to combine them together.

After you’ve completed those steps, you should water the area daily so that the new seeds are able to develop strong root systems. For uneven areas, spread the soil over the impacted section of your lawn and level it. The goal is to get the grass to grow so that the uneven area becomes unnoticeable over time.

Tip 3 – Only Purchase High-Quality Topsoil

It’s easy to be tempted to find the least expensive landscaping products on the market so that you can save money. However, this is not the best approach if you really want your landscaping to succeed. Perhaps the most important tip for using topsoil to improve your lawn is to only purchase high-quality topsoil for reputable landscaping products suppliers.

If you are interested in purchasing the best topsoil and the best prices, reach out to Cal Blend Soils today. We can help you out with all of your landscaping products needs and offer discounts on bulk purchases so that you get the most value out of each one of your investments.

Final Thoughts

Using topsoil to improve your lawn makes a lot of sense thanks to its nutrient-density and ease of use. Hopefully, you can use the tips mentioned above to your advantage and take your lawn to a new level of success.