The Ultimate Spring Landscaping Checklist

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The Ultimate Spring Landscaping Checklist

The spring is the perfect time of year for landscapers to head outside and make their vision into a reality. The weather is nice and provides great conditions for making improvements to the way that your property looks. Chances are good that the winter provided you with plenty of things to take care of in the spring. Whether you are performing basic maintenance or you are trying to make big additions to your landscape, without a good plan of action you will be spinning your wheels.

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate spring landscaping checklist. This list features essential landscaping tips and tasks that are perfect to pursue in the spring. After you complete the spring landscaping list below, your property will be in great shape to flourish for the rest of the year. Enjoy your time outside in the great weather and make the most out of every opportunity to improve your landscape! This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils, the leading supplier of landscaping products in California. If you are interested in helpful landscaping supplies that will make your life easier this spring, reach out to Cal Blend Soils today.

1. Work on Your Trees and Your Shrubs

Most landscapes feature a number of trees and shrubs that are probably in need of some work after the winter is over. One of the first things you should do in the spring for your landscape is to head outdoors and assess the status of your trees and your shrubs. Try to locate broken branches and debris that might be littered all over your property. You can also spend time pruning back your shrubs and trees so that they look good throughout the spring. After you trim things back and remove any fallen debris, you might also want to explore fertilizing these plants. Using a fertilizer on them can help them grow nicely throughout the spring and improve the way your property looks.

2. Refresh Your Mulch

If you aren’t using mulch in your landscaping, the truth is that the spring is the perfect time to get started. Mulch is one of the most versatile and valuable landscaping products you can invest in. It can help to suppress weeds, enrich the soil, and prevent erosion from washing things away. If you decide to go with organic mulch, it will actually add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes over time. It is also great for decorative purposes since it comes in so many different colors and textures. If you were using mulch on your property before the spring, now is the perfect chance to refresh things. Lay down a new layer of mulch around your trees and plant beds for a nice update to your landscape’s appearance. Make sure you aren’t overdoing things with the amount of mulch you lay down, as a 1-inch layer will usually suffice. If you are interested in purchasing high-quality mulch at great prices, reach out to Cal Blend Soils today.

3. Get Your Soil Tested

If your soil is not in good shape ahead of the spring and summer seasons, your plants and garden will never reach its full potential. If you want an oasis of plant life, you should take the time to get your soil tested. Soil tests are intended to help landscapers understand what the soil is composed of. There are always certain nutrients that exist naturally in soil, and when there isn’t enough of them, plants will struggle to grow. That’s why testing your soil makes so much sense. After you get your soil tested, you can apply landscaping products like soil additives and topsoil to get things to where you want them to be. Your plants will benefit greatly from a soil test, so make sure you keep it in mind when you are working on your property this spring.

4. Weed Control

Spring always brings new life into a landscape. The downside is that it also brings new weeds if you don’t keep them under control. The next thing you should include in your spring landscaping checklist is working on weed control. Most people think that harsh chemicals that kill weeds are the best way to go, but the truth is that this approach can be very harmful to the environment. Instead, try using organic weed control products or laying down fresh mulch around the areas that are most affected. You can also head outdoors and pick the weeds out of your garden by hand if you are so inclined. Whatever you decide, make sure that weeds don’t take over your landscape this spring.

5. Update Your Landscaping Supplies

The chances are good that you haven’t bought new landscaping supplies over the winter. You might be missing some crucial products that you will need ahead of the spring season. That’s why you should try to update your landscaping supplies before you start working hard on your spring landscaping goals. Landscaping products like fertilizers, mulch, topsoil, aggregates, and more can all be great tools to take your landscaping to new levels of success. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you want to purchase the best landscaping products for the best prices on the market this spring.

6. Inspect Irrigation System

Most landscapers use an irrigation system to keep their lawn and plants watered. These systems can easily get damaged over the winter and cause your water bill to skyrocket. At a bare minimum, make sure you try out your irrigation system after the winter to assess its condition. That way, you can save money and conserve water at the same time if there are issues.

This checklist is a great way to get started this spring with your landscaping activities. Remember that you can always connect with Cal Blend Soils if you have any questions about spring landscaping or if you’d like to purchase high-quality landscaping supplies at great prices.