The Ultimate List of Essential Landscaping Tools

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April 27, 2020
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April 27, 2020
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The Ultimate List of Essential Landscaping Tools

When it comes to landscaping, it is extremely important to ensure you are equipped with the right tools to get the job done. For many new landscapers, they often will head outside to work on their property only to realize that they don’t have the tools they need to get the job done. There are a lot of different tasks that landscapers are required to take on, which is why finding the right things to help make the job easier is one of the keys to landscaping success. Any experienced landscaper knows that the tools and landscaping supplies that they use will allow them to achieve their goals.

We want you to succeed with all of your landscaping goals, which is why we’ve put together the following article detailing the ultimate list of essential landscaping tools. Each one of the tools featured in this article will help you take your landscaping to an entirely new level. Remember to reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you have any questions about landscaping or if you’d like to purchase landscaping supplies in bulk.

Essential Landscaping Tool #1 – Lawn Mower

For many property owners, their lawn is something they work hard on each and every day. There’s something special about a well-manicured front yard that really speaks volumes about the property owner’s willingness to put in the work required to create a great looking lawn. One of the best tools for lawn maintenance are lawn mowers. You are probably already familiar with this essential landscaping tool.

Lawn mowers are probably the biggest and priciest landscaping tool you will purchase. That’s because it is so essential. A well-constructed mower will help you keep your grass trimmed to the perfect height. Most landscapers tend to opt for motorized lawn mower, but you can choose to acquire a manual mower as well depending on the size of your yard. This should be one of your most frequently used landscaping tools and help you achieve the lawn of your dreams, so make sure you don’t opt for the cheapest possible option. If you are having trouble with your lawn, perhaps some fertilizer or topsoil can help you solve the issue. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today to learn more about these great landscaping products.

Essential Landscaping Tool #2 – Shovel

Another essential landscaping tool that everyone should have in their arsenal is a shovel. Many consider a shovel to be a garden tool, but the truth is that you can use them for a variety of different things. Shovels make it easier to plant and remove plants from your property. You will want to dig holes at some point in your landscaping career, which is why it is important to invest in a good shovel.

You can typically buy shovels that are wood-handled or if you want to go premium you can get one that has a steel handle. It’s usually worth it to spend a little bit more on a nice shovel versus opting for the cheapest possible option. The same goes for landscaping supplies, so make sure you reach out to Cal Blend Soils to acquire the best landscaping supplies on the market for the best prices.

Essential Landscaping Tool #3 – Leaf Blowers

There’s nothing like a landscaper filled with vibrant plant life and trees. However, one of the main issues you will need to deal with on your property has to do with the leaves that fall at a certain time of year. That’s where this essential landscaping tool comes into play. With leaf blowers, you can organize the fallen leaves on your property with ease and get rid of them without having to work too hard.

Rakes work in some cases, but with a leaf blower, you can reduce the overall amount of time it takes to get this landscaping job done. Going with either an electric powered or gasoline-powered leaf blower can give you exactly what you need to keep your property looking fantastic all year long. Remember that if you let dead leaves pile up on your lawn, it can lead to plant diseases and fungus. It’s best to purchase a leaf blower and get into a consistent leaf removal routine, especially during the fall months.

Essential Landscaping Tool #4 – Fertilizer Tools

The benefits of fertilizer are numerous, so it makes sense that you would want to find a landscaping tool that allows you to fertilize your yard with ease. Think of fertilizer as the food and nutrition that your plants need to grow to their full potential. Without it, your plants will be struggling to survive. That’s why you should invest in fertilizer tools.

First, look into purchasing a broadcast granular spreader. This tool allows you to spread out fertilizer all across your property. It’s mainly used to fertilize lawns and can help you cover a large area of your landscape in a short amount of time. Additionally, you might want to look into a pressurized sprayer that helps you spray individual plants with the fertilizer. If you have any questions about fertilizers or how they can benefit your landscaping, reach out to Cal Blend Soils today.

Essential Landscaping Tool #5 – Hedge Trimmers

If you have hedges on your property, you will need to find something that helps you keep them looking great throughout the year. If you let them grow in, it can give your entire property a messy and unorganized appearance. That’s why this essential landscaping tool is so important. With hedge trimmers, you can trim your hedges with ease and keep them looking fantastic throughout the year.

Make sure you are getting a hedge trimmer that allows you to use it comfortably. There are options out there with ergonomic handles and padding that make trimming the hedges a comfortable endeavor.

We hope this article has helped you learn about some of the most essential landscaping tools. Remember to reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you have any questions about landscaping or if you’d like to purchase high-quality landscaping supplies at great prices.