The Top 5 Landscape Mistakes You’ll Always Regret

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October 23, 2018
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The Top 5 Landscape Mistakes You’ll Always Regret

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A bad haircut will grow out. But mistakes you make while landscaping your property can last much longer.

There are a lot of elements that go into planning and executing a successful landscape design. There are plants to choose from. There is the layout of your yard to consider. There are experts to hire or not hire.

Hidden in the weeds of these decisions are opportunities for embarrassment and regret.

So how do you avoid the pitfalls of poor landscaping and give yourself the property you envision? What are some common mistakes property owners and landscapers make?

We’ve rounded up five crucial problems landscapers run into when taking a landscape idea from dream to reality. Read on to educate yourself so you can avoid them.

5 Big Mistakes in the Landscape Idea World

There are big mistakes and small mistakes. There are mistakes related to the craft of lawn care and mistakes you can make in the big-picture planning stages. We’ve gone with a cross-section of all of these to prepare you as thoroughly as possible for a landscape you won’t regret.

Here are our top five landscape mistakes to avoid.

1. Cutting Your Grass Too Short

This is a rookie mistake born of laziness. Some people think they can get out of extra mowing by cutting their grass short, but the risks outweigh the rewards.

Grass that’s too short can leave your lawn susceptible to diseases and pests. That’s because short grass can expose bare patches. And all of this decreases your curb appeal.

2. Improper Plant Placement

You’ve got to get to know the plants you choose for your landscape. You shouldn’t just choose them willy-nilly based on color or your personal preferences alone. And once you have chosen them, you need to know where to place them to foster their ideal growing conditions.

3. Putting Form Over Function

What do you use your yard for? Is it purely aesthetic, or do you host parties, play with your kids, and exercise your dog there?

Whatever the answers to these questions, your landscape should not get in the way of your life.

4. Forgetting About Irrigation

Just as plants vary in their needs when it comes to location and shade, they also have different irrigation needs. Get to know these, and make sure your plan incorporates irrigation solutions that work for all of the different species of plants in your yard.

5. Going In Without a Plan

Speaking of a plan, have one! And by that, we mean having a plan for your yard as a whole.

It can be tempting to get excited about one area and just start on a project since small tasks are more manageable anyway. But this can lead to a disjointed property.

So before you begin, map out the overall look you’re going for. Then you can get your hands dirty.

Plant With No Regrets

One good landscape idea can lead to another. Capitalizing on that momentum gives you a yard that matches your vision and makes your property yours.

But bad ideas can pile up as well. We hope this guide helps you avoid them.

We’re available to talk if you need more good ideas.