The Smartest Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

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May 30, 2020
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May 30, 2020
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The Smartest Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

We all know just how important it is for landscapers to keep their lawns well-maintained. For many landscapers, their grass is a source of pride. It might have to do with the fact that most people notice a lawn first when they are looking at a landscape, or it might have to do with the amount of effort that it takes to create a well-manicured lawn, but the truth is that a great looking lawn will work wonders on your landscaping. Mowing the lawn might seem pretty straightforward for most, but it’s actually not a simple as just heading outside whenever you see the blades are getting too long.

There are actually quite a few techniques and tips that the best landscapers use to maintain their lawns. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of them all below so that you can take your lawn care and landscaping to an entirely new level of success. This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils, the leading supplier of landscaping products in California. If you are having trouble with your lawn or want to explore how our products can help you achieve your landscaping goals, reach out to Cal Blend Soils today.

Lawn Mowing Tip #1 – Timing is Everything

If you don’t get the timing right with your mowing routine, you could actually be doing your grass more harm than good. One of the smartest tips for mowing your lawn to keep in mind is that timing is important. That means you should be conscious of the time of day that you mow your lawn as well as the season.

The best time of day for mowing your lawn is typically in the morning or in the evening. That’s because when you mow at those times, it is cooler outside. The coolness will help the roots of your grass maintain the moisture that they need to grow strong. When you think about what mowing actually does to your grass, it makes a lot of sense to mow at night. That way, your grass will have hours to recover and heal before the sun comes out in full force. Mowing your lawn in the middle of a hot day will increase the chances of heat exhaustion and make it more difficult for your grass to recover after being cut.

Lawn Mowing Tip #2 – Keep Your Blades Sharp

Another smart tip for mowing your lawn is to always focus on keeping your mower’s blades sharp. When lawnmower blades are dull, they can cause significant damage to the grass as you work on trimming it up. When your mower blades aren’t sharp, they are literally ripping through your lawn instead of slicing through them cleanly. This can lead to more issues for your lawn if you aren’t careful.

Focus on keeping your mower blades sharp and sticking to a regular routine of examining your grass after mowing to avoid causing damage. It’s easy to tell if your mower blades are dull after a mowing, just look for grass that appears brown on top. This is one of the smartest tips for mowing your lawn that you should keep in mind.

Lawn Mowing Tip #3 – Don’t Overcut

Sometimes, newer landscapers have a tendency to overcut their grass. They believe that cutting their lawn short will save them time in the future and make life easier. However, if you are cutting your lawn too short, it’s very likely that you are damaging your grass. Each species of grass has a cutting height that you should try to adhere to. Keep in mind that the blades of grass are responsible for producing the food that your lawn needs to survive.

Additionally, cutting your lawn too short invites other problems like weeds and pests, since overcutting can weaken your lawn. Make sure you figure out the optimal height to cut your grass so that it can absorb the water it needs to thrive and so that you can avoid any other potential issues related to overcutting.

Lawn Mowing Tip #4 – Check for Debris Before Getting Started

Landscapers that are proud of their lawns are usually anxious to get outside and start mowing when the time is right. However, one of the things you should do before mowing each and every time is to go through your property and check for any debris. Things like rocks and branches can turn into projectiles while you are mowing and present serious safety risks for both you and your family.

If you want to avoid causing any serious injuries related to mowing over debris, take a few minutes to walk through your landscaping prior to mowing. It’s a small step to take that can save you a lot of potential frustration or pain. This is a simple and smart tip for mowing your lawn.

Lawn Mowing Tip #5 – Avoid Mowing Wet Grass

If you are someone that likes to mow your lawn frequently, it’s important to understand that you should avoid mowing on days when the grass is wet. That’s because mowing wet grass will potentially clog your mower and leave your grass vulnerable to plant diseases that can wreak havoc on all of your hard work.

Instead of mowing on days when the grass is wet, try to mow in the mornings or evenings when moisture levels are low. Mowing wet grass will not provide you with the results you are looking for and will likely lead to uneven cuts. It’s really not worth the extra trouble you will face, so avoid mowing wet grass going forward.

Mowing Like a Pro

Keeping a well-maintained lawn is a priority for most landscapers, so keep the tips above in mind going forward. Remember that you can always reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are having trouble with your lawn or if you’d like to purchase the best landscaping supplies on the market.