The Best Types of Grass to Choose for Your Lawn

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April 3, 2019
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April 3, 2019
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The Best Types of Grass to Choose for Your Lawn

Did you know that a great looking lawn can actually increase the value of your property? Sure, we always want a nice green yard to look at when we come home every day. However, choosing the right type of grass for our lawn can be a difficult endeavor. You want grass that will easily grow in your region’s climate and not take to much effort to maintain. Getting the lawn of your dreams can require its fair share of effort, but with some research beforehand, you can be well on your way towards getting it. Keep reading on to learn the best types of grass to choose for your lawn.

1. Bahia Grass

If you are looking for a type of grass that can withstand a lot of heat, Bahia grass is a great option. It’s a tough grass that has a rough texture, but that means it can handle a lot of foot traffic. If you plan on having your kids, family, or friend walking on your grass frequently, this type of grass might be the best choice for you. This grass grows best in moderate or full sunlight and really does well in warm climates. If your yard is completely shaded, you might want to look to other types of grass. Remember to maintain and cut your Bahia grass to about 3 inches tall to keep this grass type full of moisture and healthy. There is always the risk of cutting your grass too short, so keep that in mind.

2. Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is one of the most common grass types for homeowners to go with. It has a very nice green color and can stand up to even the most extreme heat. If you are looking for grass that really looks great, Bermuda grass is a solid option. It can even grow and flourish in temperatures that exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. That means this is the ideal grass type for people that live in extremely hot regions. Another big benefit of Bermuda grass is that it can look great without you having to put in a lot of effort. If you don’t have the time to put into taking care of your lawn weekly, you might want to go with this grass type thanks to how easy it is to care for. One thing to keep in mind with Bermuda grass, if you live in an environment that does get cold from time to time, you might want to go with another grass type. You also need to get Bermuda grass a lot of sunlight for it to really flourish.

3. St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine is another fantastic option to choose for your grass. It is absolutely stunning after it grows in and can be pretty easy to take care of as well. It’s another grass type that flourishes in warm weather, which is great for those living in sunny California areas. This grass can look great all year long, but if the temperatures start to drop in the Autumn and Winter months, the grass can turn to a tan color. St. Augustine grass has an eye-catching blue-green color that will look fantastic throughout the year if you live in a warm climate.

4. Zoysia Grass

If you are the type of person that doesn’t enjoy waking up early to maintain your grass, you might be interested in this grass type. It’s a grass that you won’t necessarily have to mow very often and one that will also thrive in warm climates. If you make sure your Zoysia grass gets all of the sunlight and water it needs, it can grow to be very strong. It has a nice light-green color with blades that have a fine texture. Your family can enjoy this grass thanks to its density and strength. One thing to note if you live in an area that gets colder during a few months of the years is that Zoysia grass will tend to go dormant during the cooler months of the year. It will change to a light tan color if it goes into that dormant state.

5. Fescue Grass

If you live in an area with a cooler overall climate, Fescue grass is one of the best types of grass you can choose. It can actually handle both hot and cold climates and does best when it gets a lot of sunlight. Fescue grass can handle a little bit of shade, but for maximum results, you want to make sure it gets a fair amount of sun. Also, if you live in an area that experience droughts during the summer, Fescue grass is a great choice. It can survive drought seasons with minimal watering, which is great news for California residents. Sometimes, other types of grass will go into a state of shock if the temperatures start shifting dramatically, but Fescue grass can actually withstand those types of environments well.

There are plenty more types of grass you can choose from, but these are all certainly great choices. You should ask yourself what grass will work best in your region and how much maintenance you are willing to put in to get a great yard. If you know that you aren’t going to put in a lot of effort, then Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass are both good options. Remember that if you are looking for landscaping products to help out with your grass, you can always contact Cal Blends Soil Inc. for help. We have been providing the best landscaping products on the market at the best prices in California for decades. If you are struggling to get your grass green or if you would like some landscaping tips, you can always reach out to the experts at Cal Blend Soils Inc. Contact us today for all of your landscaping needs!