The Benefits of Performing a Soil Test

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February 16, 2021
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February 16, 2021
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The Benefits of Performing a Soil Test

One of the key characteristics of a successful landscape is the quality of the soil. Without the right soil, your plants will struggle to develop strong root systems, have difficulties getting the water they need, and present a myriad of problems that you will need to figure out. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly what your soil is made up of. The more you can learn about your soil, the quicker you can address issues and add things into the mix that improve its overall composition.

You might be wondering how it’s possible to determine what your soil is like. The answer is simple – performing a soil test. A soil test will provide you with a lot of information about what is going on beneath the surface and allow you to make adjustments like purchasing soil amendments and topsoil that can enrich your soil. We’ve put together a brief overview of some of the benefits of performing a soil test below so that you can gain a better understanding of just how valuable it is. Remember that you can always reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in learning more about soil tests or if you are looking to purchase high-quality landscaping products at great prices.

What is a Soil Test?

Before we dive into the benefits of a soil test, let’s take a look at what a soil test is. It’s essentially a series of tests that are done on a sample of your soil to determine the condition of your soil and help you to decide what corrective action to take. To test your soil, you will need a small tool called a soil probe that is used to take a small amount of soil from your landscape. Taking multiple samples is the best way to get the right information. Next, you typically send those soil samples to a state-approved lab to get the results back in a few weeks. Consider a soil test as a basic “check-up” on the overall health of your landscape.

Here are some of the main benefits of soil testing that landscapers should keep in mind:

Soil Testing Benefit 1 – Gain Information About pH Levels

One of the most important bits of information you will receive after getting the results back from a soil test has to do with the pH levels in your soil. This is important because certain plants need certain conditions to thrive, and if the pH levels are off it can prevent them from reaching their potential. If you aren’t familiar with pH levels, they basically tell you the acidity or the alkalinity of the soil. This is important to know for both garden beds and for the overall health of your lawn. After you know more about the pH levels in your lawn, you can purchase soil amendments that will help you to adjust those levels. The goal is to get your soil to a pH level that allows for the optimum nutrient intake, which is why a soil test is so important to pursue.

Soil Testing Benefit 2 – Learn About the Marco and Micro Nutrients

Another benefit of performing a soil test on your landscape is the fact that you will learn about all of the macro and micronutrients that are in your soil. These nutrients are crucial for creating a beautiful green landscape, so it helps to know what you might need to add if your soil is lacking any of them. Some of the macronutrients that are necessary to grow a healthy lawn include phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen. Micronutrients are also important and typically include things like zinc, boron, calcium, magnesium, and more. These micronutrients can deter pests and weeds and allow for better nutrient absorption.

Soil Testing Benefit 3 – Determine Organic Matter Content

Healthy soil contains a variety of different things, including organic matter such as decomposed plant materials. This organic matter is important because it helps to create a healthy soil structure and improve water retention. It can also add microorganisms into the soil that are very beneficial for your plant growth. There’s actually a separate test that can give your additional information beyond the normal soil test and let you know about different types of bacteria and fungi that are in your soil. Keep that in mind if you want to dive deeper into the organic matter in your soil.

Soil Testing Benefit 4 – Help Your Landscaping Thrive

Perhaps the biggest benefit of performing a soil test is the fact that it can really help your landscaping to thrive. You will learn priceless information about the aforementioned things and be able to make the necessary adjustments to take your property to an entirely new level of success. After you have the information that is provided with a soil test, you can purchase great landscaping products from a supplier like Cal Blend Soils that will dramatically improve your outdoor space.

Some of the most common landscaping products that are used to improve the soil after a soil test has been performed include things like topsoil, mulch, fertilizers, soil amendments, and more. Without the soil test, you won’t really know which landscaping supplies are right for your own unique situation. That’s why it is so essential to pursue soil testing at regular intervals so that you can gain the insight you need to take your landscaping to an entirely new level of success.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, soil testing is an activity that can benefit any landscape, regardless of what the property owner’s goals are like. You get to learn about the exact composition of your soil and address any issues that might be caused by the soil on your property. If you have any questions about soil testing or you would like to explore landscaping products that can instantly make a positive impact on your property, make sure to reach out to Cal Blend Soils today.