Smart Solutions for Keeping Deer Away from Your Landscaping

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September 13, 2019
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September 13, 2019
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Smart Solutions for Keeping Deer Away from Your Landscaping

There’s nothing like spending some time outside working hard on your landscaping. When all of that hard work pays off and you realize that your landscaping visions have become a reality, it can feel like a truly incredible achievement. However, any good landscaper understands that keeping up with everything on their property is a constant effort. There are tons of different problems that you might run into during your landscaping endeavors. That’s why it’s always a good idea to stay a few steps ahead and continuously learn about new ways to deal with landscaping issues.

One of the biggest landscaping issues that people face is dealing with deer. These furry and cute creatures are a landscaper’s biggest enemy. That’s because deer love to eat trees, shrubs, and flowers. They can also carry ticks which can present a risk of Lyme disease on your property. You don’t want all of your hard landscaping work to be wasted because of a deer’s appetite. That’s why we’ve put together the following article to help you out. Below, we are going to walk you through some smart solutions for keeping deer away from your landscaping.

1. Get Rid of Plants That Attract Deer

One of the simplest ways to reduce the amount of deer on your property is to get rid of any plants that attract deer. Keep in mind that if you plant a lot of vegetables and fruits in your garden, you are essentially providing deer with a nice snack. They are intelligent creatures that will always try to take advantage of a quick and easy meal. That’s why you should avoid planting certain things that attract deer to your property if possible. If you do insist on planting fruits and vegetables in your garden, make sure you harvest them as soon as they are ready. Otherwise, you are giving deer a great reason to come onto your landscaping for a meal.

2. Plant Deer Repellant Plants

Believe it or not, there are plenty of deer repellant plants out there that you can add to your landscaping. What makes a plant deer repellant? Well, it’s a plant that either has a strong smell or taste that the deer does not like. You should try to plant certain herbs that have a strong scent around areas that you want deer to stay away from. Some of the best choices for plants that can help with keeping deer off of your property include pine, spruce, figs, currants, and boxwood. It will certainly take some trial and error to find the perfect option for keeping deer off of your landscaping, but it’s worth the effort. You can always ask your neighbors if they have learned anything about which types of plants keep the deer away from their lawns if you are looking for some additional insight.

3. Keep Up with Your Landscaping

Another smart solution for keeping deer off of your landscaping is to keep up with regular maintenance. That means trimming areas that are dense with plant life and keeping things nice and organized. Deer prefer places where they can hide under the cover of plants and trees. The last thing you want is to create a landscape that they feel safe and at home in. Eliminate the cover that deer love to keep them off of your landscaping. You are probably already committed to a regular landscaping routine, so keep in mind the types of environments that deer love the next time you head outside to get to work. As a friendly reminder, you can always head over to Cal Blend Soils for the landscaping supplies you need to keep your yard looking great.

4. Let Your Dog Outside

If you are a dog owner, why not put your four-legged friend to work? The more time you let your dog spend outside, the lower the chances are that deer will want to come onto your landscaping. Dogs will tend to bark at deer whenever they come around, which means they will help protect your landscaping from hungry deer. The deer will run away quickly from your property as soon as they see there is a barking dog in the vicinity. They might even decide that your property is simply not worth the risk and never come back. It’s a win for your dog as well because dogs love spending time in the great outdoors. Just make sure that your property is safe for your pets before letting them outside. Letting your dog outside is certainly one of the smartest solutions for keeping deer off of your landscaping.

5. Invest in a Fence

If you’ve tried a lot of different things and the deer seem to still be feasting on all of your hard landscaping work, you might want to consider investing in a fence. A fence can provide you with extra privacy on your property, let your kids play safely outside, and also accomplish the task of keeping deer off of your property. Deer can actually jump high, so make sure that your fence is about 8 feet high without any big gaps to make sure you are keeping the deer at bay. This is a smart solution for keeping deer away from your landscaping that will provide you with some other benefits as well.

6. Buy Deer Repellants

The last smart solution for keeping deer off of your landscaping is to buy deer repellants. There are plenty of different options to choose from. You simply spray the repellant on your trees and enjoy a deer-free landscape. The scent is very strong for the deer, which are animals that use their strong sense of smell to make decisions. The pungent stench of the deer repellants will go a long way towards keeping deer off of your property.

Dealing with deer on your property is simply something you have to deal with as a landscaper. With these smart solutions in mind, you can hopefully avoid having all of your hard landscaping work be wasted thanks to a hungry deer.