Simple Ways to Improve Your Lawn

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April 3, 2019
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April 3, 2019
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Simple Ways to Improve Your Lawn

Having a luscious green lawn requires a fair amount of foresight and strategy. You need to be willing to work hard to achieve a lawn that you are truly proud of. Green grass is a very important element in landscaping that is often overlooked by beginners. They think that it’s easy enough to plant grass and water it, but often don’t think about things like sunlight and drainage. If you own a home or property and have a lawn, you’ve probably dealt with at least a few issues over the years. It’s important to take pride in your lawn as a homeowner and continuously seek out ways to improve your landscaping. That’s why we’ve put together the following article that details some of the simplest ways you can improve your lawn. If you keep these tips in mind, you will easily be able to improve the appearance of your lawn.

1. Use Natural Fertilizers

A landscaper is only as good as the landscaping products they are using. This statement especially holds true for your lawn. Synthetic lawn fertilizers can be horrible for the environment and even cause harm to your pets. They also have been shown to be less effective than all-natural fertilizers. Organic lawn fertilizers can help you get the green grass of your dreams and make sure that your landscaping is healthier for your family and for your pets. If you are looking for the best natural fertilizers on the market, look no further than Cal Blend Soils Inc. We can provide you with the best landscaping products on the market at the best prices.

2. Aerating is Key

If you have a lawn that seems to be lacking, you have to try aerating. Our lawns are typically the most heavily used area of our landscaping. We have people walking on it, playing on it, and even pets peeing on it. Over extended periods of time, the soil beneath your grass will get compacted due to heavy use. This will cause your lawn to suffer from poor drainage, low air circulation, and issues with nutrient absorption. All of these problems can seriously affect how your lawn looks. Also, important organisms like earthworms can’t do their thing if the soil in your lawn is too compacted. That’s why you should aerate your lawn regularly. Better air circulation and looser soil are both results from aerating. Your grass will be able to absorb more nutrients and the important micronutrients will be able to flourish. You can rent or purchase an aerating machine or you can invest in a handheld aerating tool. Try to aerate your lawn at least once per year to receive all of these great benefits.

3. Cut Your Grass at the Right Height

Lawn owners are always wondering what the best height is to cut their grass at. If you want your grass to grow green and strong, you need to find the answer to that question. A lot will depend on what specific type of grass you have and how often it needs to be cut. It’s important to make sure that your lawnmower has blades that are sharp and that you don’t cut your grass too often, otherwise it will never grow in strong. You might want to invest in a reel mower, which cuts your lawn in a scissor-like motion and can produce even better lawn results. Sometimes, the key to landscaping is trial and error, and this certainly is the case when it comes to figuring out the best height to cut your lawn at.

4. Water Your Lawn the Right Way

Another crucial aspect of achieving the lawn of your dreams is to figure out the best way to water it. It’s better to water your lawn deeply but not too frequently. You want the roots of your grass to grow deep into the soil. The best way to make that happen is to water your lawn deeply, with about 1 inch of water, every week. It’s important to also keep in mind the amount of sun and rain you get in your area, as these variables can both affect your lawn. The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning so that you have less chance to run into problems with evaporation.

5. Use Grass-Cycling to Your Advantage

Grass-cycling is another simple way to improve your lawn. With this concept, you are essentially letting your grass reuse the grass clippings after you mow the lawn. These clipping will decompose quickly and give your lawn added nutrients it needs to flourish. Grass-cycling not only helps to provide your lawn with extra nutrients but also save you time since you won’t have to get rid of all of the clippings. This idea can also help to improve the quality of your soil and help you avoid using as much fertilizer for your lawn.

6. Add Compost

Compost is a concept in landscaping that involves using organic matter to improve the overall quality of the soil. Adding compost to your soil can help you improve drainage, balance the pH levels of your soil, prevent erosion, and attract important microorganisms like earthworms. All of these things are good and can really help your lawn grow into something special. If you are interested in purchasing landscaping products like compost, reach out to Cal Blend Soils Inc. We can help you choose the right landscaping products for your lawn and answer any questions you might have about getting your lawn looking great.

We hope this article has provided you with some valuable insight into how to improve your lawn. Landscaping doesn’t have to be complicated, all it takes is some effort and knowledge. Your lawn is a vital part of your landscaping, so try to keep the tips above in mind to ensure you are making the most out of your grass. There’s really nothing like a luscious green lawn!