Should You Consider Artificial Grass for Your Landscaping?

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August 8, 2019
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Should You Consider Artificial Grass for Your Landscaping?

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If you are a homeowner that is interested in getting the yard you’ve always dreamt of, you have a big decision to make. If you go with natural grass, you will have to keep up with mowing, watering, and maintaining it to keep it looking great. Natural grass can certainly be nice but ask any homeowner that has had issues keeping up with it about the downsides before you make your final choice. One option that is becoming increasingly popular in homes around the world is artificial grass. It offers the great appearance of real grass without all of the upkeep and maintenance.

As with any big landscaping decision, it helps to see things from a completely neutral perspective. You should try to evaluate all of the benefits and disadvantages of artificial grass before you make your final decision. That’s why we’ve created the following article to help make your decision a lot easier. Below, we will be discussing some of the main pros and cons associated with artificial grass so that you can make the best possible decision for your landscaping. Artificial grass for your landscaping has a lot to offer, but ultimately it’s a personal choice that will determine your decision. Remember that you can always reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are having difficulty with your natural grass or would like to purchase the best landscaping products on the market at great prices.

The Pros of Artificial Grass

There are a variety of different benefits associated with using artificial grass in your landscaping. Here are a few of the main pros:

1. Grass That Always Looks Great

If you decide to invest in artificial grass for your landscaping, you know that it is going to look great every day of the year. Artificial grass looks fantastic and pretty much has the same appearance as natural grass. You won’t have to worry about any brown spots or dying grass with artificial grass too. Keep in mind that many homeowners struggle to keep their natural grass looking great throughout the year. During the winter and summer months, natural grass can even go dormant and take on a brown color that doesn’t necessarily look great. With artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Your artificial grass will always be looking green and great, all year long. If you are worried about keeping your curb appeal, artificial grass might be the right choice for you.

2. Doesn’t Need to be Watered

Another big benefit of using artificial grass for your landscaping is that it won’t ever need to be watered. This is a huge perk, especially during the hot summer months where natural grass requires a lot of water to stay healthy. You might even be living in an area like California that has strict rules and regulations against using too much water. Also, keep in mind that you won’t have to pay a higher water bill each month just to keep your artificial grass looking great. All of those gallons of water you won’t be using to keep your lawn looking great is going to save you money as well as help with conservation efforts for the environment. The fact that artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered is definitely a powerful pro to consider.

3. No Need for Maintenance

One of the first things that people think about when they picture the lawn of their dreams is a well-cut property. Unfortunately, if you choose natural grass you will be spending a lot of time outdoors mowing it and performing other maintenance-related tasks. With artificial grass, you really don’t have to perform any maintenance at all. The worst thing that can happen to your artificial grass is that it can be torn or punctured. If that happens, you simply need to replace a section of the artificial lawn. You won’t have to worry about pesticides, mowing, watering, and edging if you decide to go with artificial grass for your landscaping. It’s certainly an attractive option.

The Cons of Artificial Grass

Now that we’ve mentioned the pros of artificial grass, let’s take a look at some of the biggest cons related to it.

1. Expensive to Install

One of the important things to think about when you are making your final decision about artificial grass is to remember that it can be quite expensive to install. It’s an expensive purchase that you will need to have installed professionally, so keep that in mind if you are working on a tight budget. The cost can certainly be a con when it comes to considering artificial grass for your landscaping.

2. Gets Hot During the Summer

If you are someone that loves to walk around in the cool grass on a hot summer day, artificial grass might not be the right option for you. Artificial grass tends to get very hot during the summertime. It can even get so hot that you might feel the heat through your shoes. Keep that in mind if you were planning to spend a lot of time walking around on your grass in the hotter months of the year.

3. Pet Waste Can Be a Pain

Another big con of going with artificial grass for your landscaping is that pet waste can be quite difficult to deal with. You will need to scoop up poop and take extra care to avoid leaving debris behind for sanitary purposes. This can be a big pain and require a lot of extra effort to keep up with, so remember this con if you already have a pet or are planning on getting one in the near future.

As you can see, there are both pros and cons associated with using artificial grass for your landscaping. We hope this article helps you make the right decision for your property. Remember that you can always reach out to Cal Blend Soils for landscaping advice or if you’d like help maintaining your natural grass with the best landscaping supplies on the market.