Mulch versus Rocks: Which Landscaping Product Has More to Offer?

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June 1, 2020
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Mulch versus Rocks: Which Landscaping Product Has More to Offer?

Every good landscaper recognizes the importance of finding the right landscaping products to help them accomplish their goals. Creating a truly memorable and unique landscape means trying new things and using all of the tools that are available to you. However, if you are a new or inexperienced landscaper, you might not know which landscaping products will work best for your property. Each landscaping product on the market has a different purpose and can help you address certain issues that you are dealing with, but narrowing things down can be a problem. That’s why we’ve created the following article to help you out.

Mulch and rocks are some of the most widely used landscaping products on the market. They each have a lot to offer a landscape and can really contribute to improving the curb appeal on your property. We are going to take an in-depth look at mulch versus rocks below and decide which landscaping product has more to offer. Remember that you can use both of these products to great success in your own landscape. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today if you are interested in purchasing these landscaping products at great prices.

Mulch: A Versatile Landscaping Tool

Mulch is one of the most versatile landscaping products on the market and can be used to improve your property in a variety of different ways. Organic mulch such as bark and wood chips are great because they literally add nutrients into the soil as they decompose over time. Using this type of mulch can be very helpful to your plants, shrubs, and trees that require a certain amount of nutrients to grow and thrive. If you have noticed that your plants seem to be struggling to reach their full potential, you should consider mulching around your property.

Another great reason to consider using mulch on your landscaping is that it can actually help to stop weeds from growing. Weeds are defined as invasive plant species that take away valuable nutrients from the plants that you actually want growing on your property. They can be very difficult to deal with once they have started to grow on your landscape, which is why using mulch is such a helpful way to improve your landscape.

If you still aren’t sold on using mulch to improve your landscaping, you should also know that it can help to prevent erosion from occurring on your property. There’s nothing worse than having the soil wash away after heavy rains. Mulch will help you avoid having to deal with this common landscaping problem. You can also use a mulch to help protect your soil and keep your plants at the optimal temperatures when the summer rolls around. Mulch acts as a barrier against extreme temperatures that will really help you get your landscaping to new levels of success.

Rocks: Beneficial and Stylish

Another great landscaping supply to look into are rocks. Rocks come in all different shapes and sizes, but we are mainly referring to decorative rocks like lava rocks that landscapers use on their properties. This landscaping product has a lot to offer and can provide you with many of the same benefits that mulch has to offer, minus the fact that rocks will not add nutrients into the soil like organic mulch will. However, just because they don’t help with plant growth on your property doesn’t mean that this landscaping supply doesn’t have a lot to offer.

First, rocks are great to incorporate on your landscape for style and design purposes. Gravel and lava rocks feature intriguing textures and colors that can really set your landscape apart. You can lay down decorative rocks on your property to create clean borders and lines that improve your curb appeal and add interesting aesthetics to your landscape. Another common use for rocks is to create pathways and walkways on your property. That way, you can direct foot traffic to the areas that you want people on instead of having them potentially trample over your plants.

Rocks will also keep weeds at bay, which is great if you are tired of dealing with the pesky invasive plants that take valuable nutrients away from your plants. Keep in mind that rocks tend to cause soil and plants to overheat if they are placed in direct sunlight. This is one of the downsides to rocks, along with the fact that they are typically more expensive to purchase than mulch. However, rocks will last a long time and the cost will be an investment in your property for years to come.

Which Landscaping Product Is Better?

Now that we know some of the benefits of both mulch and rocks, it’s time to decide which one is better. The truth is that both landscaping products have a lot to offer, it all depends on what your landscaping goals are and what your personal style preferences are. If you are trying to invest in a landscaping product that will benefit your plants as well as make your life easier as a landscaper, mulch is a great option. On the other hand, if you are strictly looking for a landscaping product that will improve the appearance of your property and add a unique design element, you should probably go with rocks.

Both of these great landscaping supplies should be considered welcome additions to any landscape. You can dramatically improve your curb appeal and make your life easier as a landscaper by investing in high-quality landscaping supplies. Remember that you can always reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in purchasing rocks, mulch, or other landscaping supplies. We offer discounts on bulk purchases and can have our great products delivered to the location of your choice for added convenience. Connect with one of the Cal Blend Soils team members today to learn more about how our great landscaping supplies can help you accomplish all of your goals.