Identifying the Most Common Weeds in Landscaping

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October 16, 2019
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October 17, 2019
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Identifying the Most Common Weeds in Landscaping

Working to create your ideal landscape requires its fair share of effort. However, with hard work and dedication, it all will pay off. There’s nothing like coming home to a beautifully landscaped property or receiving a compliment from your neighbor about how great your yard looks. One of the most frustrating things that landscapers have to deal with is weeds. These pesky plants can invade your landscaping and suck up valuable nutrients from the plants that you are actually wanting to grow.

Dealing with weeds is a reality for any landscaper, which is why it can really pay off to spend some time learning about the different types of weeds so that you can identify them and get rid of them as they sprout up. That’s why we’ve prepared the following article about identifying the most common weeds in landscaping. After reading this article, you should have a much better idea about what weeds to look out for and how to deal with them. As a reminder, if you are looking for the best landscaping products on the market, reach out to Cal Blend Soils today.

What Exactly is a Weed?

Before we get into the specific types of weeds to look out for, it’s a good idea to review what exactly weeds are. Weeds are simply defined as plants that are growing where they aren’t wanted. Some weeds are strong natural competitors and will end up dominating your yard or garden. You can expect weeds to exhibit a few common qualities. Most weeds that you find in landscaping are abundant in seed production, meaning that they can spread very easily. The establish their population rapidly and can engulf an area quickly if you aren’t careful.

Weeds also are classified by their ability to survive over the long-term. That’s right, some weeds can lay dormant all winter long only to pop back up when the conditions are better. The bottom line is that weeds are hearty plants that grow in areas that we don’t want them to. They can take valuable nutrients from our favorite plants and cause issues in our landscaping, which is why removing them is a must if you want to achieve landscaping success.

Types of Common Weeds in Landscaping

1. Lambsquarters

One of the most common garden weeds you will encounter is Lambsquarters. These annual broadleaf plants are fast-growing and can easily pop up all over your garden if you aren’t careful. The best way to take care of them is with a sharp garden hoe, but you can always pick them out by hand. Make sure you get rid of them quickly because they spread quickly and remove moisture from the soil.

2. Crabgrass

Crabgrass is another common weed found in gardens and lawns all over the United States. It usually starts popping up in the summer months as the ground warms up from the colder wintertime. Make sure you are regularly mowing your lawn to help avoid letting Crabgrass setting its seeds. If you notice Crabgrass in your garden, pick it out by hand or use a garden hoe to keep it at bay. The good news is that Crabgrass dies at the end of the growing season when the weather gets colder, so don’t worry if you aren’t able to take care of all of the Crabgrass in your yard during the warm months.

3. Dandelion

If you notice a bright yellow plant sprout up in your lawn or garden, you might think it’s a beautiful addition. However, if you didn’t plant it yourself, the chances are good that you are dealing with Dandelions. It’s a hearty weed that spreads its seeds via wind, so make sure you take care of them sooner rather than later. You need to make sure you are cutting Dandelions down to their roots, otherwise, they will pop back up at a later time. Mulch is a great landscaping product that you can use to keep weeds like Dandelions at bay. Simply spread a layer of mulch over your flower beds to prevent weeds from taking root. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in purchasing mulch and other quality landscaping products at the best prices on the market.

4. Amaranth

This common weed can cause big problems once it sprouts up in your landscaping, so make sure you keep an eye out for it. Amaranth is commonly recognized by its red taproot. It’s a hearty competitor that can seriously put the health of your other plants at risk if you let it go unnoticed. Make sure you are pulling out the Amaranth weeds before they flower. Amaranth is also known as pigweed and can be kept in check by laying down a nice layer of organic mulch.

Smart Weed Prevention Tips

Now that you have a better idea about the common weed types to look out for, let’s learn a few more weed prevention tips. You never want to let weeds seed, because if they get to that point you will have a much harder time getting rid of them. That means regularly weeding your garden and landscape is key. As we mentioned earlier, adding a layer of mulch is another smart way to prevent weeds from taking over. You can purchase the best quality mulch on the market from Cal Blend Soils. Get into a regular weeding habit to avoid letting them get out of hand.

We hope this article has helped you learn a lot more about the most common weeds in landscaping and how to deal with them. All it takes is a regular weed maintenance routine and a little bit of hard work to keep your landscaping weed-free. If you notice that weeds are sprouting up on your property, it’s important to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Simply head outside and get to work to prevent the problem from getting worse. Remember that you can always head over to Cal Blend Soils to purchase the quality landscaping products you need like mulch which can prevent weeds from taking over.