How to Use Mexican Pebbles to Improve the Look of Your Home

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How to Use Mexican Pebbles to Improve the Look of Your Home

mexican pebbles

40% percent of homeowners in the US have hired a professional to do lawn work or landscaping.

Having a nicely manicured outdoor space encourages families to spend more time outdoors. Many people work office jobs, and kids sit in school for long hours during the day. Having a space that inspires outdoor activity can help increase active hours and improve health.

One of the ways to make your outdoor space attractive is by using Mexican Pebbles. You can even use them indoors to bring a little bit of the outside look into your home. Continue reading for inspiration through our recommendations.

Mexican Pebbles to Beautify Your Home Indoors and Out

The stone you choose to use in your landscaping sets the tone for your yard. Using Mexican beach pebbles gives you the feeling that you’re always near the beach. Beach pebbles are a great way to add an element of fun to any setting.

1. Pavers and Pebbles to the Entry Way

Using pavers is a great way to make it easy for your guests to make their way to your door without tracking in grass or dirt. There are many different types of pavers you can use. When using beach pebbles in between the pavers, you might decide to use a contrasting stone for extra personality.

Using pebbles in between the pavers instead of keeping the grass will save you from continual upkeep. Keeping grass from overgrowing your pavers can be a full-time task. If you properly install the pavers and pebbles, you won’t have to worry about grass.

This project won’t take you much time, but it will make your home look totally different. A home makeover that is this inexpensive will allow you to change the face of your home in a weekend’s worth of work without a lot of cash out of pocket.

Here are the steps to follow for this project:

  1. Plan your project carefully for the smoothest execution. Having a plan in place will allow you to get your project completed quickly and without a lot of reworking.
  2. Use a shovel to clear the space about three feet deep.
  3. Lay your paver base and smooth it out.
  4. Apply leveling sand.
  5. Lay your pavers out as desired.
  6. Use the leveling sand again and sweep sand out where you want to lay the pebbles
  7. Take your pebbles and fill the areas around the pavers

Now you have a beautiful walkway to your entry. No more mess with sand, grass or dirt; just a well-done walkway.

2. Pebbles in the Garden

Creating a garden in your backyard gives it a whole new feel. As you are redoing your backyard, your garden can be a focal point to tie the other elements together.

You don’t have to use the pebble for your pathway. While this is a great idea, you might choose to put pebbles around the base of certain plants. Plants in pebbles give your garden a unique look.

Before you use pebbles in your garden, make sure to research the plants you are using. Not all plants will do well in this environment. If you aren’t sure which plants are the best to use, ask a professional landscaper for help.

3. Pebbles and the Pool

Your pool is a great place to use Mexican beach stone. Many people have their pools designed to look like a beach. Some even use a beach entry design for their pools.

Adding these pebbles can make your design look even more authentic. Whether you want to use them to make a walkway to your pool, or to design your tanning ledge or other pool elements, they are perfect for making your pool setting beach-like.

When you put pebbles around the pool, it isn’t just for looks. Pebbles don’t burn the feet as much as large pavers do. The pebbles are more foot-friendly than large pavers when you use them for your path.

4. Pebbles in an Indoor Feature

Pebbles don’t have to be loose if you are worried about them getting strewn all over your home by pets or children. There are plenty of designs that will allow you to use pebbles, but somewhere they will be affixed instead of waiting for a big spill.

If you use pebbles in your walkway design, you may decide to bring the outdoors inside by including pebbles just inside your doorway. You can have them put in the floor to look similar to how your outdoor design looks.

Another great way to integrate pebbles into your home is by using them in a vertical space. You might choose to put them in the bathroom to create an accent wall. A unique wall in the bathroom can make this an enjoyable space to use bath bombs and relax like you’re on the beach.

Islands in the kitchen are another place you might consider placing these pebbles. They can add texture to an already beautiful space.

Use your imagination to create your own beautiful pebble feature. You can think of a great memory you’ve enjoyed replaying in your mind. Maybe it was when you went for a family beach vacation.

Recreating a memory in a room of your home will increase your home enjoyment. Being able to live in a home that has rooms that spark positive emotions will allow you to live a happier life overall.

Raise Your Home’s Value with Home Improvements

Home improvements can do a lot to help your home sell when it comes time. When you increase your home’s curb appeal, you break down barriers before potential buyers enter your home. Having a home with higher value gives you more options when you do decide it is time to sell. Until then enjoy your beautifully redone yard and interior.

Create a Magically Beautiful Home

Whether you are fixing up your home for your own enjoyment or want to increase its appeal to make more money on the sale, we can help you. Mexican pebbles are only one of the products we offer. Contact us today to see how we can help you beautify your home.