How to Design the Best Possible Backyard

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February 27, 2019
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How to Design the Best Possible Backyard

The best part of being a homeowner is that you can create the space that you want. Design preferences, layouts, and styles are all up to you as a homeowner. You have all of the of the creative freedom to create the home that suits your own needs. This is especially true when it comes to designing a backyard. Proper landscaping techniques can be the difference between a boring backyard or a piece of paradise. You want to use the best landscaping products and have a general idea of landscape design in order to create a truly great backyard. One way to start your backyard design project off the right way is to purchase landscaping products from Cal Blend Soils. We have been providing Southern California with the highest quality landscape goods for over thirty years and can help you with all of your landscaping needs.

Not everyone has the time to learn about designing landscapes and figuring out all of the options available for creating a backyard on their own. That’s why we’ve done the work for you! Keep reading on to learn how to design the best possible backyard. Keep reading on to learn some valuable backyard landscaping tips.

Finding a Focal Point is Essential

 Before you get started with any designing or landscape product purchases, it’s important to determine what the backyard’s focal point will be. That means finding the part of your backyard that everything else will be anchored to. It can be something like a big tree, a gazebo, a pool, or even a Tiki Hut. Whatever you choose, know that you will be designing with the focal point in mind. This is a landscaping principle that comes from the art design world. Great design always features something that draws your eye to it first.

Create a Landscape Plan for your Backyard

You might need to hire someone to help out with this step. Creating a landscape plan is essentially mapping out your entire backyard. You can draft it on paper or by using landscaping software. Keeping your focal point in mind, map out the major physical parts of your backyard. After that, start working on the style of your backyard. There are tons of styles to choose from. A lot of what you choose for your style will be based on personal preferences and also where your home is located geographically. Adding water-related aspects to your backyard can provide you with an area to relax and reflect. It’s all about designing something that you will be happy with.

Purchase the Landscaping Products and Start to Plant

Getting the design aspect right is key to the success of your backyard. After you’ve completed that step, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Purchase the plants and landscaping products like mulch and compost from a reputable supplier like Cal Blend Soils and get started with creating the backyard of your dreams. Again, keeping the focal point in mind is crucial during the planting process. Consider planting flowers and trees with bright colors to make your backyard a true oasis. The color scheme is an important element of landscape design, so keep it in mind during the time you are selecting what you will plant. You can also add fencing and large furniture to create sharp lines and borders in your backyard. What matters the most is choosing a design that makes you happy!

Choose your Grass Type and Lay Sod

There are a ton of options to choose from when it comes to planting grass in your backyard. A big part of this decision will lie in where you live. Certain grass types will do better in cooler climates while others thrive in more humid areas. The last thing you want is to choose a type of grass that wilts away because you didn’t think about which region you are living in. Some of the best grasses to choose from are Bahia, Bermuda, Fescue, and Bluegrass. Read up on each option to learn about the best grass type for your own unique backyard scenario. After you decide on a grass type, it’s time to lay the sod. Most grasses will grow well in areas that receive lots of sun and offers a gentle slope for the sod to lie on. Make sure your sprinkler system has been installed prior to laying any sod.

Lay Down Mulch

Mulch is an important tool to use for your backyard. It helps to increase the quality of the soil in your backyard and can even help you prevent weeds from growing in. It can also add a nice visual element to your backyard and provide a new color for your backyard aesthetic. If you are looking for the best mulch on the market, Cal Blend Soils has got you covered. We offer tons of different mulch types like fine mulch, forest grind, and cedar mulch so that you can achieve the look you are going for. Reach out to us today to learn more about what options we have for mulch and more.

Distinguishing your Backyard

 After you have completed your design, defined your focal point, and planted everything, you might think that there’s not much left to do other than enjoy all of the hard work. It’s true that you certainly deserve to enjoy your backyard at this point, but if you want to take one final step in designing a truly memorable backyard, add some personalization to it. Things like bird baths, Zen fountains, and hummingbird feeders will take your backyard to new heights.

We hope this guide has provided you with all of the information you need to get the backyard you truly desire. Remember, Cal Blend Soils Inc is always here to help with any of your landscape or gardening related projects. Contact us today for a free quote or if you have any questions about creating your backyard the way that you really want.