How Commercial Landscaping Can Help You Gain Tenants

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December 1, 2019
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December 1, 2019
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How Commercial Landscaping Can Help You Gain Tenants

If you are a commercial property owner, you are constantly looking for new ways to attract tenants to lease space within your property. This is easier said than done because there is lots of competition in the market. Putting yourself in the mindset of your tenants is a great way to begin since it can be hard to relate to their needs as a commercial property owner. The thing about keeping up with your tenants is that if they aren’t happy with your space, they will simply move on to another one.

Setting yourself apart from your competitors in the commercial real estate leasing world is no small task, but one of the best things you can do is invest in your commercial landscaping. Whether it’s purchasing the best quality landscaping products from Cal Blend Soils to make your landscaping look great or trying new landscape design concepts, there are plenty of opportunities for you to take advantage of. That’s why we’ve put together the following article to help you learn more about your landscaping options. Below, we are going to walk you through how commercial landscaping can help you gain tenants. If you aren’t taking your commercial landscaping seriously, it might be time to reconsider your approach!

1. Your Commercial Landscaping is a Reflection of Their Businesses

Going back to what we mentioned earlier, it’s very important to put yourself in your tenant’s position. As a commercial property owner, you can invest in landscaping that really attracts tenants to your property. It’s important to remember that your commercial landscaping is a direct reflection of their businesses. That means if your landscaping looks unorganized on unkempt, your tenant’s customers might have a bad impression of their business. Make sure that you are getting the basics of commercial landscaping right at a minimum. That means regularly mowing grass, keeping things cleaned up, and creating inviting green areas.

2. Amenities Are a Good Selling Point

Whenever you are trying to convince a new tenant to lease your property, you want to highlight all of the positives you can. If you have great commercial landscaping, you can use it as part of the sales process. Business owners love when they can provide a unique experience for their clients, and if they can use their commercial property to keep customers happy and on-site for extended periods of time, that’s a huge benefit. One of the ways you can market your commercial landscaping as an amenity is by including things like picnic areas, trails, and even a community garden. The idea of everyone on your commercial property being able to use the landscape to its full potential can be a big selling point that will help you attract tenants.

3. Smart Landscape Design Makes the Property Safer

Another great way that commercial landscaping can help you gain tenants has to do with landscape design. If you find that your landscaping is dark and seems to be low visibility, the chances are higher that a criminal might view your commercial property as a good opportunity. You always want your tenants to feel comfortable and safe when they are on your property. If you have a well-maintained landscape that has extensive lighting, criminals will be thinking twice before trying to head onto your property. Tenants recognize this as well, which means you can use your commercial landscaping as a selling point. If your commercial landscaping feels protected, safe, and well-lit, people will be much more likely to sign a lease. Keep that in mind if you are working on your commercial landscape design.

4. Make Customers Feel Welcome

Getting your commercial property leased up is obviously a huge goal, but if those businesses aren’t able to pay their rent, you could be in for a big problem. By investing in your commercial landscaping, you can create a space that makes your tenant’s customers feel welcome. Even by investing some time and energy into creating a welcoming entrance area with your landscaping, you can make a huge positive impact on your tenant’s businesses. Think about how you would feel like a customer walking onto a new property for the first time. If you think that your commercial landscaping makes them feel welcome and happy, you are definitely doing something right. Remember that commercial landscaping can help you find tenants if it makes people feel welcome when they step foot on the property.

5. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Another way that commercial landscaping can help you gain tenants is that it can enhance your curb appeal. You want people that are passing by or driving around your property to be amazed at how clean and well planned out your commercial landscaping is. Remember that if people are able to see how much work and attention to detail you have put into your commercial landscaping, they will understand how much you care about your property and your tenants. Enhanced curb appeal is something that can benefit you in a variety of different ways and might just lead to you gaining some valuable new tenants. Make sure you are spending the time to create commercial landscaping that improves your curb appeal.

As you can see, a well-maintained commercial landscape can help you gain new tenants in a wide variety of different ways. The sky is the limit for commercial property owners that really get their landscaping done right. Remember that you can always reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you have any questions about commercial landscaping or if you would like to purchase the best landscaping supplies on the market.