Great Landscaping Setups for Summer Parties

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May 3, 2019
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Great Landscaping Setups for Summer Parties

Every year when the weather starts heating up, homeowners start thinking about ways they can use their property to create amazing memories with their families and friends. There’s nothing like spending time outside with the people that matter the most. The great thing about landscaping is that you can always make additions or customize an area based on your own specific needs. For example, if you want to have lots of people over during the summertime, you can install something like a fire pit that will become the focal point of your landscaping and provide the perfect setting for enjoying company. The summer really is the perfect time to start a new landscaping project or endeavor, thanks to the great weather and the opportunities to create summer fun.

Backyards are essentially the perfect location for creating landscaping that is suited specifically for summer parties. If you are thinking about changing things up in your backyard to provide guests with an area to relax and enjoy the weather, keep reading on. Below, we will discuss some fantastic landscaping setups you can pursue that are perfect for summer parties. With the right design and creative strategy, you can take your backyard to an entirely new level. Remember that if you need help with any of your landscaping supply needs or have questions about changing up your backyard, you can always reach out to Cal Blend Soils Inc.

1. Add a Pool

If you live in an area with scorching hot summer weather, you might want to consider adding a pool to your backyard. Sure, it can be an expensive investment, but it will also transform your backyard into the perfect are for a summer pool party. Cooling off in your pool is a feeling that not many homeowners get to experience. If you do decide to go with a pool, make sure you are investing in an in-ground pool. After the pool has been built, you can take your landscaping around the pool seriously to create a one of a kind summer party environment. Getting creative with plants around your pool is one way to really take your landscaping further. Additionally, you can invest in a retention wall or stone walkways to make your backyard truly unique. The possibilities are endless if you decide to add a pool to your backyard. Everyone in the neighborhood will look forward to coming over to your house for pool parties! You will also increase the overall value of your property by adding a pool because pools are always in high-demand.

2. Create a Fire Pit

Fire pits are one of the absolute best things you can do to transform your backyard into the perfect area for entertaining guests during the summer. Fire pits are fairly easy and inexpensive to install and can provide you and your family with endless good memories. There’s something so special about gathering around a bonfire on a summer night and roasting marshmallows. The great thing about fire pits as well is that they are fully customizable. That means you can use them to create a focal point of your backyard and easily pair them with your existing landscaping. Fire pits usually consist of a gravel base, stone blocks to create a wall around the pit, and often times a grill for cooking out. You can add comfortable seating arrangements around the fire pit to create the ultimate party zone. Just make sure you keep your fire pit stocked with wood and supplies because everyone will want to come by and enjoy your fire pit after you have it installed! Fire pits are also a great option because you can enjoy them year round. During the colder months of the year, you can always fire up the pit to heat things up.

3. Shaded Areas

If you want to opt for a less involved landscaping setup that is suited for parties and hosting people, you can create a specific shaded area in your backyard. Simply planting a few trees or adding an awning in your backyard can create the perfect are to relax during the hot summer days. You can make a patio or grassy area that is fully shaded in your backyard. These areas are perfect for eating lunch outside, reading a book, or enjoying some ice-cold lemonade with your family. The great thing about this option is that you can use existing shaded areas or plant new trees to provide some additional shade. This is a versatile and easy to setup landscaping option that you should definitely look into if you are interested in creating the perfect summer party area.

4. Recreational Games Area

Depending on the size of your backyard, you might want to look into turning an area of your property into a recreational games area. For example, adding in an area for volleyball or horseshoes can be a great use of space. People will love coming over to play a game. You can also grill out and have your guests enjoy the recreational games until the food is ready. It’s easy to create an area for recreational games, all you need to do is choose the right area on your property. Make sure you choose an area that is away from your garden or plants that can get damaged by heavy foot traffic.

This summer, you should look into one of these great landscaping setups and create the ultimate summer party area in your yard. There’s nothing like spending time outside in amazing weather with people that are important to you. A lot of these options will also help with making your property more desirable from a buyer’s standpoint, so you can look at them as an investment in both now and the future. If you are looking for any landscaping advice or would like to purchase the best quality landscaping products on the market, reach out to Cal Blend Soils Inc. today.