Great Benefits of Decorative Gravel

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July 2, 2020
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Great Benefits of Decorative Gravel

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If you’ve ever seen a landscape that is using decorative gravel to its full potential, you probably understand just how clean and nice it looks. It’s a landscaping supply that can add elegance and style to any property, particularly when it’s used to create clean borders and interesting color contrasts. Most landscaping is filled with green plants and bright colored flowers, which is why adding decorative gravel into the mix can make such a statement.

Decorative gravel is easy to install and can help you create fascinating color combinations and visually appealing design elements on your property. Decorative gravel comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can go with classics like river rock or white gravel or even elect to invest in cobblestones if you are using it for larger applications. To get started, simply reach out to Cal Blend Soils and browse our incredible selection of decorative gravel. We also have tons of other great landscaping supplies that can transform your landscaping and help you achieve all of your goals for your outdoor space. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the great benefits of decorative gravel so that you know just how valuable a tool it can be for your landscaping.

Decorative Gravel Benefit 1 – Low Maintenance Landscaping Product

Whenever you are considering a new addition to your landscaping, it’s a smart idea to consider the maintenance routine that comes along with it. That’s one of the fantastic advantages of incorporating decorative gravel in your landscaping. With decorative gravel, you won’t have to work hard to maintain it. Depending on where you lay down your decorative gravel, you essentially won’t have to do anything besides an occasional dusting.

Simply head outside with a leaf blower to remove any dust or debris that has fallen on your decorative gravel. Other than that, you might need to replace certain areas like walkways and driveways over time with replacement gravel. That’s it, you really don’t need to work hard to maintain your decorative gravel. This is very appealing for landscapers that already feel like they have their hands full.

Decorative Gravel Benefit 2 – Affordable

Investing in your landscaping usually pays off over the long run, but there’s always a budget that landscapers like to adhere to when making new additions. This is especially true if you are completely redoing your landscape or making big additions. That’s another great benefit of going with decorative gravel. It’s one of the most affordable landscaping supplies on the market and can provide a ton of value. That’s especially true if you buy your decorative gravel in bulk from Cal Blend Soils.

Other landscaping supplies can be costly upfront and also require you to pay money for professional installation. That’s not the case with decorative gravel. Simply bring your decorative gravel home and start laying it down in the area of your choice. You can save money on the actual product as well as the labor if you use decorative gravel on your property.

Decorative Gravel Benefit 3 – Prevent Erosion

Every landscaper knows the importance of maintaining the soil on their property. Without the right soil, your plants will never be able to grow to their full potential. This is another big benefit of using decorative gravel on your property. If you add decorative gravel on your property the right way, it can help to control falling rainwater and provide natural drainage.

Instead of dealing with runoff issues and lost soil, your decorative gravel will prevent the water from gathering into puddles and sending all of your valuable soil away from your landscaping. This is a big plus for landscapers that deal with erosion on a regular basis. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today if you are interested in purchasing decorative gravel for your landscaping.

Decorative Gravel Benefit 4 – Weed Control

There’s nothing worse than heading outside to review your landscaping progress only to notice that weeds are taking over. Weeds are invasive plant species that take valuable nutrients away from the plants that you actually want growing. They can be very difficult to deal with after they start growing on your property, which is another great reason to consider using decorative gravel.

Decorative gravel can actually prevent weeds from getting the sunlight and other nutrients that they need to grow. Prevention is usually the best way to deal with weeds, and preventing weeds with decorative gravel is a great way to accomplish this. You can even lay down high-quality landscape fabric before you put your decorative gravel down to really prevent weeds from ever taking root. This is a great benefit of using decorative gravel on your property that should not be overlooked.

Decorative Gravel Benefit 5 – Fantastic Decorative Aspects

If you are really looking for that “wow” factor on your landscape, you should absolutely consider using decorative gravel. This is another benefit of decorative gravel that makes it a truly valuable landscaping product. There are so many different possibilities to explore when using decorative gravel. It comes in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, which means finding the combination that matches your artistic vision is easy.

Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today if you are interested in browsing our incredible selection of great landscaping supplies like decorative gravel. It can provide your property with improve curb appeal as well as the other great benefits mentioned above. The possibilities are endless with decorative gravel from Cal Blend Soils.

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As you can tell, decorative gravel truly has a lot to offer every landscaper out there. The benefits mentioned above can make your life easier as a landscaper and improve the overall curb appeal of your property. Make sure to connect with a team member from Cal Blend Soils if you have any additional questions about decorative gravel or if you’d be interested in making a purchase.