Expensive Landscaping Problems Related to Water

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December 2, 2019
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December 2, 2019
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Expensive Landscaping Problems Related to Water

Every landscaper will go through ups and downs with their property. Sometimes, the problems start stacking up and become large expenses. This is especially true for landscaping problems related to water. As a landscaper, you need to find a balance between using the right amount of water without running up your monthly bills. It’s also great to consider the environment whenever you are using water for your landscaping activities, particularly if you live in an area that experiences droughts. Whatever the case may be, landscaping problems that are related to water can be very expensive if you don’t know how to address them.

Water is one of the biggest variables that we can control as landscapers, which means it is very important. Too much water for your plants can become a bad thing and lead to irrigation issues as well. Too little water can leave your plants dehydrated and struggling to survive. There are plenty of landscaping issues that are related to water, which is why we’ve prepared the following article. Hopefully, this list can help you avoid these expensive issues at all costs. This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils, the leading provider of landscaping supplies in the California area. If you are having issues with watering your landscaping or would like to purchase high-quality landscaping products, connect with Cal Blend Soils today.

1. Overwatering Your Plants & Lawn

One of the most expensive landscaping problems related to water is overwatering. There are plenty of beginner landscapers that fall victim to this pitfall. The truth is that most people water their plants and their lawn too much on a regular basis. Not only does this drive up your monthly utility bills, but it can also lead to more expensive issues. Overwatering plants can actually end up putting extra stress on your plants and even end up killing them if you aren’t careful. If you are overwatering your lawn, you can also end up with serious issues like plant diseases. Make sure you learn a little bit about the plants that you use for your landscaping so that you can develop an intelligent watering schedule and avoid this costly mistake.

2. Bad Irrigation

Let’s face it, landscape design can be extremely challenging. Not only do you have to create an environment that adds to your curb appeal, but you also need to plan things out from a logistics point of view. One of the most common landscaping issues related to water is bad irrigation. If your irrigation is outdated, was installed incorrectly, or simply is not working the way that you want it to, you should focus on correcting the issue as soon as possible. Irrigation systems can become expensive problems over time. You are literally wasting gallons of water if you don’t have your irrigation system set up the right way. Try to take a look at your irrigation system at least once a year and compare your system to the newer ones. It’s also extremely important during the landscape design phase to plan your irrigation system out with the plants, soil type, slope on your property, and other details in mind.

3. Choosing the Wrong Plants for Your Property

Another expensive landscaping mistake that is related to water has to do with the specific types of plants you choose for your property. Even though that exotic tropical plant might look great in your yard, if it is not suited to grow in your region you might end up having to water it more than your other plants. You can easily end up wasting lots of water and money by choosing the wrong plants for your property. It’s always a good idea to try to stick with local plants that grow in your region so that you don’t have to use as much water. Local plants have a much better chance of flourishing in your landscaping and you won’t have to worry about the watering issues. Take some time to really reflect on the plants you are choosing for your landscaping to avoid making this costly mistake.

4. High Maintenance Lawn

As landscapers, we take pride in our lawns. A well-manicured and luscious lawn is a status symbol for many property owners out there. They are an important aspect of our properties and often the first thing that people notice when they take a look at our property. That doesn’t mean you should choose a grass type and plants that are high maintenance because it can end up costing you a lot of money. Choosing poorly for your landscaping can lead to a constant battle to keep the high maintenance plants watered. Try to avoid choosing any high maintenance landscaping plants and instead go for more low-maintenance options. That way, you can make the most out of the water you do need to use and focus your attention on improving other aspects of your property.

5. Standing Water

Another costly landscaping issue that is related to water is when you notice standing water on your property. This is the worst when it happens to your lawn since it can really cause long-term damage to your grass. Standing water is usually the result of poor drainage and soil problems. If the soil on your property is too compacted or doesn’t have the right levels of nutrients, water won’t be able to flow freely away from your lawn. This leads to standing water and can be quite expensive to fix. One of the best ways to avoid standing water is to check your soil every now and then. If it is too hard, you might want to purchase topsoil or think about aerating your grass so that the drainage improves.

As you can see, water can be difficult to deal with if you are new to the landscaping world. Make sure you avoid the expensive issues mentioned above and head over to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in the best landscaping supplies on the market