Everything You Need to Know About Using Garden Pebbles

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Everything You Need to Know About Using Garden Pebbles

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Do you like gardening because you enjoy watching something grow and thrive by your hand? Do you like it because you like being one with nature? Or do you like because you can also enjoy a breath of fresh air?

Whatever your reason may be, why not enhance your gardening experience by adding pebbles around your plants?

Garden pebbles not only make your garden more appealing to anyone viewing it, but it also has some lesser known benefits like easier maintenance and improved plant-longevity.

But before you put any pebble on your garden, let’s first show you everything you need to know about garden pebbling.

Benefits of Garden Pebbles

Laying pebbles over soil makes sure the soil doesn’t get eroded by rain or damaged from over-exposure to sunlight. This makes sure your plants live longer and don’t get damaged by unideal conditions.

Some gardening pebbles also allow you to walk on them. This is important so that most gardeners have an easy time getting around their garden considering 35 percent of them are in the age bracket of 50-64 years old.

Gardening pebbles also last longer than grass and they are easier to manage. You only need to wash them with water and brush off anything unnatural looking every now and then when you want to maintain them.

Setting Up Your Garden for Pebbling

You should first find an area suitable for pebbling in your garden. Consider using the first area you can see when you look at your garden. Doing this makes it easy for you to plan your first steps.

Next, you should clear the area of grass and excess rubble. You should also let people know about your project since pebbling may take a long time. You will want to avoid people trampling on your on-going project.

Make sure that the soil you are laying the pebbles on is dry. Moist soil will result in your pebble garden degrading in no time.

Selecting Pebbles for Garden Beds

There is nothing stopping you from using any and all rocks when pebbling. However, you should consider the size of your work area so you have a clearer idea of what you can make with your space. This is when you can often get the best pebble garden ideas.

Selecting which pebbles you will use comes down to personal preference. You can use any size and shape which you think will look good for your design.

Where to Get Pebbles

Local gardening stores should be your first choice. However, if there are no outlets close to you, there are online shops that offer a lot of professional gardening products. You can also travel along a riverside to pick out pebbles.

Pebbling Your Garden Beds

Lay out your pebbles in front of you first so you have a good grasp of how much you have to work with.

Make sure you lay them down with as little space between as possible. Compact pebbling will make sure that no stray weed will grow between cracks to destroy your design. You should also make sure your plants aren’t suffocated and receive enough hydration.

Also, make sure that your work is level. Uneven pebbling will become more noticeable in the long run. Add any leftover pebbles to any low areas to even them out.

Maintaining Your Pebble Garden

Check on your pebbles every now and then to make sure they keep their design. If you need to, add more pebbles to any that seem like they’re missing some. You should also remove any pebble that looks out of place.

Make Your Garden Prettier with the Right Way of Garden Pebbling

Get garden pebbles to improve your garden’s durability and make it look more aesthetic now! Use this short guide so you don’t have trouble with maintaining your garden in the long run.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more landscaping materials for your garden.