Evaluating Different Types of Wood Mulch

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September 13, 2019
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September 13, 2019
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Evaluating Different Types of Wood Mulch


If you are new to landscaping or are exploring all of the different landscaping supplies that are available for you to choose from, you might have heard about mulch. Mulch is a landscaping material that is primarily used as ground cover or for its water-retaining properties. This landscaping product has a lot to offer anyone that is dealing with weeds, erosion, low soil moisture, and more. Mulch can directly improve the quality of your soil and help you grow your plants and flowers to their full potential. You can even use mulch as a design element that makes your entire landscape look better. There are tons of different types of mulch to choose from, but wood mulch remains one of the most popular options.

Wood mulch is a great option because it comes in a variety of different options. It will literally feed your soil as it breaks down while also providing some other truly intriguing benefits. Since there are so many different types of wood mulch to choose from, we’ve put together a list to help you make your decision. Below, we will walk you through some of the most popular options of wood mulch to choose from. Remember to reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you have any questions about which type of mulch is right for you.

1. Bark Mulch

If you are interested in wood mulch that is visually appealing and readily available, you can’t go wrong with bark mulch. Bark mulch is widely considered to be one of the best mulch options for conserving water because it offers a protective barrier against moisture evaporation. Instead of having moisture evaporate and not get to your plants, you can use bark mulch to retain the moisture and help your landscaping reach its full potential. It’s a type of wood mulch that looks great and will help water and air reach the soil. If you are interested in bark mulch for your landscaping, reach out to Cal Blend Soils today to browse our incredible selection of landscaping products.

2. Cedar Mulch

Another one of the most popular kinds of wood mulch on the market is cedar mulch. This type of mulch is a fantastic choice because it possesses a fragrant scent that will keep away pests. You can use cedar mulch to keep termites far away from your property and protect your soil from losing too much moisture. The benefits of cedar mulch are well-documented, but you should also keep in mind that cedar mulch takes a long time to decompose. It will last a long time, but your soil won’t be getting the same amount of nutrients that other wood mulch types offer. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you have questions about cedar mulch or would like to purchase mulch for your landscaping needs.

3. Pine Needles

There are plenty of landscapers out there that love to use pine needles as mulch. This wood mulch type is perfect for plants that thrive with a little added acidity. The acid in the pine needles is directly absorbed into the soil, which means that acid-loving plants like azaleas can benefit from this type of wood mulch. Pine needles are also a great mulch option because they offer a unique texture and aesthetic to your landscape. You will also get to enjoy a fresh pine scent when you lay pine needles on your landscaping as mulch. Another big plus for pine needles is that they are inexpensive to purchase and easy to work with. You should absolutely consider pine needles when you are evaluating different types of wood mulch to use for your property.

4. Wood Chips

If you are looking for a type of wood mulch that is inexpensive, you might want to explore wood chips. You can typically get ahold of wood chips for free or for a very low cost. They are a rough mulch that can add something to your landscaping, but they don’t come without their risks. One of the big issues associated with wood chips is that they can contain pest infestations. If the tree that the wood chips were created from was infested, you can end up spreading that infestation all over your property. Wood chips also don’t last as long as other wood mulch types. Keep these downsides in mind if you are seriously considering using wood chips in your landscaping endeavors.

5. Colored Mulch

IF you are looking for a type of wood mulch that really adds a lot to the visual appeal of your landscaping, you should absolutely consider colored mulch. This type of mulch usually comes in red or black colors. It can be pricier than the other types of wood mulch, but it might be worth it if you love the way that it looks. Make sure you are purchasing colored mulch from a reputable landscape supply company like Cal Blend Soils to avoid potentially serious issues like pests and plant diseases. If the price of mulch seems too good to be true, it oftentimes is.

Mulch is without a doubt one of the most useful landscaping products that you can use. The fact that it can help you keep harmful pests away, improve the appearance of your property, and improve the quality of your soil all with one product makes wood mulch a truly intriguing option. If you decide to purchase wood mulch, make sure you are purchasing it from a legitimate landscape supply provider. Termites absolutely love wood, which means if you buy mulch with termites in it you could be setting yourself up for disaster. You can always rely on Cal Blend Soils to provide you with high-quality mulch at a great price. Head over to Cal Blend Soils today to browse our vast selection of landscaping products.

We hope this article has given you some valuable insight into all of the different types of wood mulch out there to choose from. Remember that wood mulch can add a lot to any landscape.