Beautiful Decorative Rocks to Incorporate in Your Yard

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December 29, 2018
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Beautiful Decorative Rocks to Incorporate in Your Yard

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Decorative rock can be utilized in numerous ways to enhance the total function and appearance of your backyard. There actually is no end to the number of options you have for utilizing beautiful landscape rock within your exterior design. However, with so many options it can be difficult to know where to start. Before setting out to buy your landscape materials, you need to understand what sorts of landscaping rock are readily available to you.

Here, we break down the of the most popular landscaping rocks for homeowners. Understanding what your options are is a great way to spark inspiration for creating your own landscape design. The proper use of decorative rocks in your yard can really help add curb appeal to your home. What’s more, replacing plants with rock means you’ll spend less time and money watering your yard!

Popular Decorative Rock Options


Landscaping gravel goes by many names and comes in a variety of colors and shapes. These rocks can sometimes start off rough and jagged, but you will find that they begin to smooth over time. This is due to various natural factors such as wind and rain. These types of rocks often grow even more beautiful over time as they are naturally polished by nature. They can be used in a number of design applications such as walkways, in between grass areas, and underneath garden furniture.

The great thing about gravel and other types of decorative rock is that they require virtually no maintenance. However, something to consider is that you might “lose” some gravel over time. This can be due to weather or foot traffic spreading out your gravel or carrying it away. When this happens, you can simple replenish your gravel in small batches.

Gravel is light which means in can even be used around plants just like mulch. Spreading gravel around your plants can add to the aesthetic of your yard and will help your soil maintain moisture.

River Rock

River rocks are larger than gravel but have similar applications. Unlike gravel, river rocks come with a smooth finish. That’s because they are harvested from areas where natural water currents polish these rocks, giving them their beautiful appearance. Many homeowners love using river rock to add interest around trees and other areas of their yard. Their natural blue and gray hues are very visually appealing. River rocks are also best used to create a decorative separation around groups of plants and in between grass and other landscaping.

Mexican Rock/Pebbles

Another product that can help you make a big visual statement is Mexican pebbles. These beautiful rocks are available in sizes as small as 1/8” all the way up to around a foot in width! That makes them a great alternative for homeowners who want some uniformity in their decorative rock. You can use varying sizes of Mexican pebbles throughout your landscaping and they will all be similar in color.

Mexican rock can be used to develop a boundary around a yard or other landscape functions, or it could be utilized as a ground cover. Mexican pebbles come in a rainbow of shades ranging from grays to blue, and some hints of green. Some ideas for utilizing Mexican pebbles in your landscaping can include creating a dry creek bed, decorative ground cover, or even as a weed barrier around your plants. Because Mexican pebbles are available in so many different sizes, the possibilities are really endless!

Lava rock

You’ve probably guessed by its name that lava rock is extracted from volcanic lave domes. Typically, the lava rock you will find at your landscaping supply shop is harvested in the American Southwest, however, the origins of lava rock can vary sometimes. You will usually see lava rock in shades of red and browns, however, there are some variations that are nearly black as well.

This is a flexible kind of landscaping rock and can be used for many functions. It also is available in a variety of sizes, which enhances the flexibility of this rock. For instance, you can utilize lava rock s as an accent piece within your general landscaping if it fits your aesthetic, or you can use crushed lava rock as a ground cover for your yard or sidewalks.

Lava rock is extremely popular in landscaping you find in dryer areas such as Arizona and Nevada. However, it has also grown in popularity in Southern California over the years as well. Having a yard filled with lawn is not practical in such a dry atmosphere. So many homeowners have opted to get rid of their green space in favor of decorative rock in recent years. Although lava rock does not come for the desert, it does look very nice when paired with drought-tolerant plants as well as other landscaping features. When done the right way, this can develop eye-catching yard while decreasing the demand for watering.


Flagstone is one of the most common types of decorative rocks. Chances are, you’re already familiar with it. Natural flagstone is a term utilized to describe flat pieces of rock that can be made use of for decorative and/or useful functions. You can utilize flagstone rock when you are constructing a patio area or a sidewalk. You can put natural flagstone straight into the ground, however, it’s better to use some type of base material such as crushed granite or paving sand. This provides you a wonderful flat surface area to place the natural flagstone items on, and they can after that be filled in to avoid moving or changing.

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