Curb Appeal Tips for Fall Landscaping

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October 8, 2020
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October 8, 2020
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Curb Appeal Tips for Fall Landscaping

The fall can be a challenging time of year for landscapers that don’t have the right plan. With the leaves falling at a rapid pace and the weather cooling down, it’s easy to let things get out of hand in terms of landscape maintenance. Just because the sunnier days of the year are over doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax for the entire fall. There are a few activities you can take care of that will dramatically boost your curb appeal during the fall. The best landscapers understand that creating a memorable outdoor area is all about being proactive and maintaining your property regardless of the time of the year.

If you aren’t sure of your fall landscaping game plan, this article is for you. Below, we are going to walk you through some curb appeal tips for fall landscaping that will assist you in keeping your property looking great. Each one of these landscaping curb appeal tips has a unique benefit to offer, so make sure you incorporate them into your fall landscaping routine going forward. This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils, the leading supplier of landscaping products in the California area. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today to stock up on all of your favorite landscaping supplies ahead of the fall and winter.

Curb Appeal Tip 1 – Trimming and Pruning is a Must

Most landscapes include plants like bushes, trees, and shrubs that add vibrant green natural hues to your property. However, during the fall, it’s common for these plants to begin looking overgrown and unkempt. The goal for landscapers that want to improve their curb appeal in the fall should be to trim and prune their plants to create a well-manicured appearance for their properties.

Trimming and pruning back plants with dead or decaying foliage is smart for several reasons. First, it will instantly make your landscaping look better. Another plus is that trimming back dead blooms and foliage will decrease the risk for plant diseases and avoid having any dead branches that fall on your house during winter storms. Make sure you head outside with a set of pruning shears this fall to get rid of any parts of your plants that are decomposing or dead.

Curb Appeal Tip 2 – Keep Up with the Leaves

Any landscaper that has maintained their property for the fall before understand just how much work it can be to constantly keep the leaves picked up on their properties. As the leaves pile up, your curb appeal goes down. With that said, if you create a logical plan of attack, you can keep the leaves picked up on your property with ease. Make sure you head outside once or twice every week and rake and bag the fallen leaves on your property. By sticking to a regular routine, you can avoid serious issues for your lawn and your landscaping.

If you let the leaves pile up over time, you are putting your lawn at risk of disease. It can also reduce the air circulation and the amount of sunlight that makes it through to your lawn. The last thing you want is to struggle to revive your grass after the winter because you let the leaves cause permanent damage to your landscape. Keeping up with the leaves that fall on your property is one of the most important fall landscaping tips to improve your curb appeal.

Curb Appeal Tip 3 – Plant Some Fall Flowers

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually add some new plant life to your landscaping in the fall. Another way to improve your curb appeal in the fall is to plant fall flowers that add color and natural beauty. The key is finding plants to replace the summer plants that you have which probably aren’t going to look great during the cooler months.

If you have a front garden bed, some of the best fall flowers to consider adding include sedum, chrysanthemums, pansies, or aster. You might also want to consider adding fall flowers in a pot or planter if you don’t have space on your landscape. Adding some attractive new plants to your landscaping during the fall can completely change the way your property looks and add impressive bursts of color.

Curb Appeal Tip 4 – Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters are an important part of your house that keeps water flowing away from your house. It makes sense that you would always want them clear of debris and branches that could cause serious problems for your roof or the structure of your house during the fall. That’s why if you want to improve your curb appeal and protect your home during the fall, you should focus on cleaning your gutters out.

By keeping your gutters clean, you are improving the way your house looks while also preventing serious water damage that can occur if they are overloaded with debris. This landscaping activity should be considered essential during the fall, as it’s easy to let things get out of hand if you don’t clean out your gutters regularly.

Curb Appeal Tip 5 – Invest in New Mulch

Mulch is a great landscaping product that can benefit your property in so many different ways. From a strictly aesthetic point of view, mulch can create clean lines and borders and add natural hues to your property that really make it stand out during the fall. Mulch also is great because it will insulate the roots of your plants from the cold and add nutrients into the soil as it decomposes over time.

Adding a fresh layer of mulch during the fall is a great way to boost your curb appeal and create a sharp look for the cooler months of the year. Make sure to reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in purchasing mulch at the best prices on the market. We even offer discounts on bulk purchases and can have our products delivered for added convenience.