Complete Guide for Using Landscape Wood Chips

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Complete Guide for Using Landscape Wood Chips

landscape wood chips

Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Moon Landing, Area 51

Myths, legends, and speculation often create conspiracy theories that nobody can get to the bottom of.

A strange rumor that has spread across the internet is that wood chips are poisonous, dangerous or just no good for your garden. Let’s check the facts and bust the myths. Read on for everything you need to know about landscape wood chips.

Wood Chip Myths vs. Facts

There are a lot of myths going around about wood chips. Read on to skip the gossip and find out the facts.

Not Poisonous When Used Correctly

Wood chips do contain a small number of chemicals. But these chemicals can only become harmful is a thick layer or 6-12 inches is spread under a plant. The recommended layer thickness is only 2-3 inches.

Wood Chips Don’t Attract Termites

Whether you like it or not, termites are an integral part of nature. The mulch in your garden will not attract termites and cause them to come running at the smell of it. However, if they do find your mulched landscape, they might not want to leave such an attractive environment.

To be safe from termites attacking your home, make sure to keep all mulch materials at least 24 inches from your home’s foundation.

Wood Chips and Nitrogen

It’s true that wood chips can take needed nitrogen from other plants leaving them with yellow leaves. However, this is only the case if the chips are mixed into the soil. If the chips are laid on top of the soil, there should be no issue.

If you have used wood chips for flower beds, just make sure to use supplemental nitrogen fertilizer.

Small Chip Piles Will Not Explode!

While it is true that large industrial compost piles have spontaneously combusted under certain circumstances, you don’t need to worry about that happening in your backyard. Chances are, when your pile of wood chips is delivered, it won’t be an industrial size pile.

If a large chip pile contains a lot of green wood, the pile may give off a little steam (steam, not smoke) on a chilly morning. But it will not suddenly burst into flames.

The Benefits of Using Landscape Wood Chips

Because wood chips are usually a combination of bark, hardwood, leaves, and sapwood, as they break down they provide the ground with useful nutrients. They also increase the organic matter of the soil which results in healthier plant growth all around. Using wood chips for landscaping is also good for the general environment by keeping useful products out of landfill sites.

Wood chips also regulate soil temperatures and bring a natural woodland feel to the area. And they can even be used to prevent muddy or dusty conditions in your garden.

Overall, they seem like a dream for your backyard.

The Wood Chip Conspiracy

As you can see, the rumors are wrong. Using landscape wood chips in the right way can make your garden a flourishing, botanical oasis.

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