Benefits of Buying Landscaping Supplies in Bulk from Cal Blend Soils

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May 3, 2019
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How to Install a Drip Irrigation System on Your Landscape
May 3, 2019
The Numerous Benefits of Decomposed Granite
June 2, 2019
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Benefits of Buying Landscaping Supplies in Bulk from Cal Blend Soils


It doesn’t matter what type of landscaping product you are looking for, purchasing them from Cal Blend Soils is always the right way to go. Cal Blend Soils offers a huge selection of landscaping products like mulch, compost, topsoil, soil additives, and decomposed granite to help you achieve all of your landscaping objectives. By using these amazing landscaping products, you can create the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted. One of the best approaches you can take when you are shopping for landscaping products is to purchase them in bulk.

There are tons of advantages associated with buying in bulk, it makes a lot of sense for you to explore the option. Just because you are purchasing in bulk doesn’t mean you are buying enough landscaping supplies for the entire neighborhood. Buying in bulk can mean buying enough for your spring landscaping projects at your house. You can always customize the amount of a certain product you are buying in bulk to get exactly what you need for your project. Keep reading on below to learn about some of the benefits of buying landscaping products in bulk.

1. Saves You Money

One of the biggest benefits associated with buying landscaping products in bulk is that you will typically get a nice discount. Landscaping product suppliers love selling in bulk and will incentivize shoppers to buy in bulk by offering nice discounts on their products. Buying landscaping products by the bag will normally cost you about double the price when compared to buying in bulk.

2. Purchase the Precise Amount You Need

Another great plus associated with buying landscaping products in bulk is that you can purchase the exact amount that you need for your specific project. When you are buying by the bag, you can end up with a lot of product that you don’t need to use at the time. It can go bad or end up going unused if you no longer need that product for your landscaping activities. When you buy landscaping products in bulk, you can purchase the precise amount you need for your project. Getting exactly the amount that you need is certainly a nice perk.

3. Delivery

Cal Blend Soils offers delivery service for all of our products. That means you don’t have to worry about getting bulk amounts of landscaping products to your house. The idea of putting a bunch of topsoil or mulch in your car can be intimidating for some people, which is why delivery is such a great option. Cal Blend Soils has a fleet of delivery trucks standing by that can accommodate any quantity of landscaping products you need. There isn’t a minimum quantity you have to purchase to get your products delivered either. Connect will Cal Blend Soils today to discuss getting your landscaping products delivered in bulk. We can help to make your life easier so you can focus on creating the best landscaping you possibly can.

4. The Whole Batch Looks the Same

Sometimes, when you buy landscaping products in the bag, you can get products that come from different batches. That means that the product’s color and texture might be different between bags. When you buy landscaping products in bulk from Cal Blend Soils, you know you are getting an entire batch that looks the same. This is big for landscapers that are trying to achieve a certain look or aesthetic on their property.

5. Experts Available to Help

Whenever you head over to Cal Blend Soils to purchase landscaping products in bulk, you know you will have an expert ready to help out. This is great for landscapers who might not know how much of a certain landscaping product they need to buy. If you are a beginner, the experts and Cal Blend Soils can help you learn about each one of our great products and let you know which ones can help you out with your landscaping. Cal Blend Soils has been helping people get the landscaping products they need for over 30 years.

What Are Some of the Best Products to Purchase in bulk from Cal Blend Soils?

Now that you know why buying in bulk is such a good idea, you can start trying to decide which products are right for you. Here are some of the best options:

Garden Mix

Whenever you are working outside on your landscape, you should always keep in mind how important the overall quality of your soil is. Soil mix is a mix of topsoil and compost, which are two things that can really help to improve the quality of your soil.


Mulch comes in a variety of different options and can help you retain moisture in your soil, keep the soil cool, and even prevent weeds from taking over. To use mulch, all you do is spread it out evenly across a specific area on your landscape.


The great thing about topsoil is that it comes in different types with different levels of nutrients. Depending on what your soil is currently like, you can use topsoil to change the consistency of your soil and add more nutrients to it so that your plants can grow to their full potential. If you are having problems with your plants, there’s a good chance that it’s related to the soil.

Decomposed Granite

You can use decomposed granite for a variety of different landscaping purposes. It’s a versatile landscaping product that provides an interesting look for your property. You can use decomposed granite to create pathways, patios, walkways, or driveways.


Compost is another great landscaping product that all of the experienced gardeners out there should be familiar with. Compost is essentially organic material that is used to help plants grow and stay healthy. When compost breaks down, there are microscopic organisms that produce a substance called humus.

Buying great landscaping products in bulk is easy thanks to Cal Blend Soils. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your landscaping goals!