Avoid Landscape Erosion with These Smart Steps

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July 2, 2020
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July 2, 2020
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Avoid Landscape Erosion with These Smart Steps

Every good landscaper knows how important it is to maintain high quality soil on their property. Without the right soil, your landscaping will never reach its full potential. Most of the common landscaping issues are related to poor soil quality that impacts the growth of their plants. Working hard to get your soil right is an essential task for every landscaper, but what happens when the soil keeps washing away after heavy rains? Erosion occurs quite frequently for landscapers and can be a very frustrating issue to deal with.

It is defined as the gradual loss of soil as a result of rain, wind, or water runoff. Erosion is even more troublesome for those landscapers who are working with a property situated on a steep incline. The problems related to erosion are numerous, which is why you should focus on preventing it at all costs. It can cause your property to look bad, result in dangerous slopes, and even wash contaminants out into the natural water supply. Erosion will also make it very difficult to grow anything in the affected area. The good news is that there are several smart steps you can take to prevent erosion from impacting your property. We’ve put together a list of ways to avoid landscape erosion below to help you out. Remember that you can always reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in exploring an array of helpful landscaping products that can make your life easier.

Build a Retaining Wall

This step is perfect for property owners that have experienced erosion as a result of dealing with a heavy slope. The more sloped your landscaping is, the higher the chances that you will have to deal with erosion. A retaining wall is a good solution because it literally creates a barrier that prevents erosion and the loss of soil resources on your landscaping. Although it will require an investment, you can create a retaining wall or terrace that eliminates landscape erosion entirely and even improve the curb appeal of your property.

If you are interested in building out a retaining wall, make sure you reach out to a structural engineer to help out. You will typically need professional assistance with a project like this, especially if you are dealing with a heavy slope on your property. However, it can definitely end up being worth the money and is often seen as a strong selling point should you ever decide to sell your property.

Use Mulch on Your Landscape

Perhaps the simplest way to avoid erosion issues on your landscape is to invest in high quality mulch. Mulch is available in all different colors, shapes, and sizes and helps you avoid erosion that is the result of heavy rainfall and overhead watering. Mulch keeps the soil in place after you lay it down instead of allowing it to runoff after it is exposed to water. The best part about using mulch is that it also provides a ton of other benefits for your landscape as well, including weed prevention and added nutrients for your plants.

You can purchase mulch like wood chips, gravel, bark, and other options and lay it down in the areas you are experiencing problems related to erosion for instant results. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you have any questions about mulch and how it can benefit your landscaping.

Plant on the Slopes

If you want to prevent erosion from washing away the soil on the sloped part of your property, you should consider taking this smart step. When you plant vegetation on slopes, it can reduce the runoff dramatically. As the shrubs and plants grow stronger, their root systems develop as well. This results in strong root systems that hold the soil together and soak up excess water when it rains.

Also, planting on the sloped areas of your property prevents erosion by acting as a barrier to the slope. When the wind or rain picks up, the plants block the elements from reaching the soil directly. Not to mention the fact that your slope will be populated by beautiful and eye-catching vegetation! This is one of the best steps for avoiding erosion on your property, particularly if you have large sloped areas on your property.

Test Your Soil

You’d be surprised how many landscapers know that they have erosion issues but never think to get their soil tested. A soil test can tell you so much about the erosion issues you are experiencing and how you might correct them. The thing to understand about erosion is that it often has to do with the composition of your soil. If your soil is lacking certain elements, it is more prone to getting washed away during heavy rainfall.

After you test your soil, you can invest in great landscaping supplies like soil amendments and soil additives which will make an instant impact on the quality of your soil. These landscaping supplies can help you avoid erosion and also provide more nutrients for your plants so that they are able to grow and develop stronger root systems. Make sure you test your soil even if you aren’t dealing with erosion to have an opportunity to take your landscaping to an entirely new level of success.

Avoid Erosion with a Smart Plan of Attack

Erosion is a landscaping issue that most landscapers will find themselves facing at some point. By taking the steps mentioned above, you can create a smart plan of attack that will quickly remove erosion from the equation. Make sure that you connect with Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in exploring how our landscaping supplies can help you out with erosion issues and improve your landscape. We offer discounts on bulk purchases and can even deliver our products to the location of your choice for added convenience.