6 Time-Saving Landscaping Hacks

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February 13, 2021
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February 13, 2021
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6 Time-Saving Landscaping Hacks

We all recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy and organized landscape on our property. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to keep up with everything. There’s only so much time we can dedicate to our landscaping each and every week, which means that making the most out of the time you spend working outside is truly essential. The good news is that if you think smart about your approach to landscaping, you can definitely maintain a property that meets all of your expectations in terms of quality.

For many landscapers, they figure out the best ways to save time on normal activities through trial and error. Instead of doing things the hard way, you can read the following guide to learn about 6 time-saving landscaping hacks. Each one of these tips will help your landscaping considerably and allow you to use your time efficiently each time you step outside. This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils, the leading supplier of landscaping products in the California area. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today to learn more about how our great products can help you to achieve all of your landscaping goals.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

The first time-saving landscaping hack has to do with the planning phases of your goals. If you don’t plan things out in a detailed and logical manner, you won’t ever be able to accomplish all of your goals in a timely manner. Start by creating a master plan that details each and every step you will need to take in order to achieve the landscape of your dreams. After you’ve built out that plan, you can start to break things down into timeframes and routines. The goal here is to create a detailed landscaping plan that allows you to be effective, productive, and get things done without wasting any time or money. Make sure you take a fair amount of time creating a landscaping plan so that you can save time later during your routine activity.

Purchase Enough Landscaping Products the First Time

Newer landscapers usually learn very quickly how important landscaping products are to their overall success. One of the issues that many people face is running out of the product they need in the middle of a season that requires a specific product or plant. That’s why it’s important to make sure you buy enough landscaping products the first time so that you don’t find yourself scrambling to find more when you need it the most. One of the best ways to handle this landscaping hack is to purchase landscaping products like mulch, fertilizer, and topsoil in bulk from a great company like Cal Blend Soils. Not only will you get a discount on bulk purchases, but you will also gain peace of mind knowing that you won’t be spending time trying to find more of a landscaping product if you run out.

Plant Flowers That Bloom at Different Times

Another smart landscaping hack that can help you to keep your property colorful throughout the year is planting flowers that bloom at different times. Most flowering plants have small periods of time in which they bloom and bear colorful flowers. That means if your flowers aren’t blooming at a certain time of the year, you might need to spend time replacing them with an alternative that is blooming. One way to avoid spending time on these issues is to plant a mix of flowering bulbs like snowdrops and lilies that you know will bloom at different times of the year. That way, you will really only need to handle planting once a year and can spend your time working on other aspects of your property.

Start with Great Soil

When you first start working on your landscaping and preparing it for long-term goals, one of the best time-saving landscaping hacks is starting with great soil. Many landscapers underestimate the importance of the soil on their property and end up paying for it in terms of lost time. Poor soil can lead to plants that struggle to grow to their full potential, weeds and pests, erosion issues, and more. The goal is to provide your plants with the nutrients and environment that they need to develop a strong root system and avoid the aforementioned issues. If you are interested in buying landscaping products like topsoil and soil amendments that can help you save time in the future, reach out to Cal Blend Soils today.

A Smaller Lawn is Easier to Maintain

We all know how important it is to have a well-manicured and vibrant lawn, but keep in mind that the larger your lawn is the more work you will need to do to maintain it. That’s why if you are interested in a landscaping hack that can save you time, consider shrinking the overall size of your lawn. Some of the easy ways to do that include using things like trees, boulders, and decorative mulch to add visually appealing landscaping elements that reduce the overall size of your lawn. Just because you have a smaller lawn, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to sacrifice style and aesthetics. Keep that in mind if you find yourself spending a lot of time working on your lawn.

Be Smart About Fertilizing

Fertilizers are a very important landscaping product for any garden or outdoor area. However, if you want to save time with a smart landscaping hack, make sure you are nourishing your property with time-release fertilizers that can help you avoid having to head outside as frequently. There are plenty of different fertilizers to choose from, so make sure you are selecting one that works best for your goals.

Final Thoughts

Spending time on your landscaping is so satisfying when you get things right and see the results. However, there are plenty of ways to waste time if you don’t have the right approach. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind as you move forward to really take your property to a new level of success.