6 Common Landscaping Problems to Look Out For

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October 16, 2019
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October 17, 2019
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6 Common Landscaping Problems to Look Out For

Landscaping always presents new challenges and difficulties to overcome. This is especially true because we can’t control all of the elements that affect our landscaping outside. The weather, soil, and wildlife are all variables that are out of our control. What we can do is prepare our landscaping to deal with issues that come into play. Part of those preparations includes learning about landscaping problems to look out for. That way, you know what kind of problems you might need to deal with in the future and be better prepared to tackle those issues when they come up.

Some of the most common issues might cause you to be concerned when you first realize they are occurring, but the key is to react logically and quickly. We’ve put together a list below that details 6 common landscaping problems to look out for. After reading this article, you should have a good idea about some things that can affect your landscaping and how to avoid them. This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils, the leading landscape supply company in California. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today if you are interested in purchasing incredible landscaping products at great prices.

1. Wildlife Issues

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours and hours working outside on your landscaping only to find that animals have damaged it. Whether it’s your garden or your yard, wildlife can cause serious problems that you need to be prepared to deal with. One of the most common landscaping problems to look out for is wildlife that damages your landscaping. For example, deer are known to eat flowers that are in bloom. It’s important to understand that these animals are simply living their lives and mean you no harm personally. Try to find ethical ways to deal with wildlife issues like using all-natural repellants and sprays. You also might want to explore using barriers and plants that keep wildlife away from your landscaping. Remember that your landscaping is outside, which means dealing with wildlife is all part of the game.

2. Erosion Problems

The soil that we use to grow plants and keep our landscaping looking great is always important. However, what happens when that soil seems to wash away every time it rains? Erosion is another one of the most common landscaping problems to look out for. If your landscape is set on a sloping plot of land, erosion can be a big issue. Some of the best ways to deal with erosion include using mulch and soil additives to improve the quality of the soil. You can also consider terracing and a dry creek bed if you find that erosion is consistently derailing your landscape. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils if you are interested in purchasing landscaping products that can help you prevent erosion on your landscaping.

3. Dying Grass

Keeping the grass looking great is a big goal for the majority of landscapers out there. If you own a home, you understand just how big of an impact your lawn has on the overall appearance of your property. One of the most common landscaping problems that people deal with has to do with dying grass. Grass is a plant that requires a certain set of conditions to grow in. If your grass is receiving too little sunlight, too much water, or not enough fertilizer, it can get brown and start dying. It’s up to you as a landscaper to figure out the exact set of conditions that your grass needs to thrive. Make sure you aren’t mowing your lawn too often or watering it too much. Keep an eye on problem areas of your grass and try to come up with solutions for areas that are heavily shaded.

4. Not Enough Privacy

Purchasing a home allows us to create a place where we can make memories that will last a lifetime with our families and loved ones. However, sometimes we aren’t able to fully enjoy our landscaping thanks to a lack of privacy from our neighbors. This is another one of the most common landscaping problems to deal with. Finding ways to add privacy on a property allows us to enjoy our hard work in total peace and seclusion. If you are trying to create more privacy on your property, look into adding trees and shrubs that can block people’s views onto your land. You also can consider investing in a privacy fence. Keep in mind that any time and money that you invest in adding privacy on your property can help to increase the curb appeal of your house.

5. Making the Most Out of Small Spaces

Every property is different, and if you find yourself working with limited space it isn’t the end of the world. Another one of the most common landscaping problems to deal with is making the most out of small spaces. If your property doesn’t give you a lot of space to work with, it’s up to you to find ways to design your landscape in a way that intelligently utilizes the space that you have. Your goal should be to make every inch count. Make sure you spend a lot of time planning your landscaping vision out before starting any work. With creativity and a solid strategy, overcoming challenges related to limited space is easy.

6. Growing Plants in the Shade

Sometimes, we are forced to make the most out of the area that we have designated for landscaping. That oftentimes means finding ways to grow plants in the shade. The key to overcoming this common landscaping issue is to choose hearty plants that don’t always need sunlight to grow. There are plenty of plant varieties to choose from, which means finding one that grows with minimal sunlight should not be a challenge.

As you can see, landscaping always presents its fair share of challenges to overcome. We hope this list has given you some great insight into some of the most common landscaping problems to look out for.