5 Top Reasons To Add Mulch Under Your Trees

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5 Top Reasons To Add Mulch Under Your Trees

Planning on planting trees around your home? It can be a beautiful addition, but you have to be aware of how to care for them to keep them that way. One of the most important methods of tending to a tree is putting mulch around it.

Mulch has many benefits to a tree such as providing insolation, keeping the soil moist, stopping erosion, and improving the soil’s structure all around. In this article, we’ll be going more in-depth about these different benefits and why you owe it to your new trees to reinforce the base of them

1. Provides an Isolation Layer

Extreme temperatures can ruin the roots of your trees. In the winter they are vulnerable to frost and in the summer the overbearing heat can take its toll. Also during the winter, the constant freezing and thawing of the soil isn’t exactly good for the tree.

Mulch provides a layer of insulation to keep them warm during the winter and cool during the summer so your tree will be kept safe year round.

2. Keeps Weeds at Bay

Weed’s aren’t exactly pretty to look at, and they can endanger the roots of your trees. A nice coating of Mulch can stop them in their tracks.

It’s actually the best, and the most natural way to handle weeds. It just simply prevents their germination.

3. Holds in Moisture

Weeds are such a danger because they zap out your tree’s nutrients and water like a thirsty vampire. Mulch holds in the nutrients and water so your trees get plenty of what they need.

Your soil won’t dry out as fast so even though you’ll still have to get someone to come over and water your trees if you go on vacation, they won’t have to come over quite as often if you lay down mulch.

4. Gives a Home to Good Bugs

There are bugs that help your trees, and bugs that cause harm. Mulch provides a thriving environment for the good ones. Bugs such as earthworms help your soil keep its structure.

While mulch helps keep bugs like earthworms around trees, it also repels the nasty ones like fleas and ticks.

5. Protects Soil from the Elements and People

Mulch does eventually break down but it does so very slowly so it creates a constant barrier between your trees and the intense sun and heavy rainfall. This actually keeps the soil from eroding.

It also creates a barrier between the tree and any human damage, like your yard crew getting to close to them with a lawnmower.

Importance of Mulch Around Trees

Mulch not only provides your trees with the nutrients that are essential to their life, but it keeps them safe during the winter and summer months, prevents erosion, and gives the soil structure. Mulch can also look beautiful and natural sitting around the tree, so there is no reason not to use it.

Mulch isn’t the only thing that can help your trees. Using wood chips in the right quantity can give off a lot of helpful nutrients. Visit our blog to learn more.