4 Common Summer Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

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April 30, 2020
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April 30, 2020
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4 Common Summer Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

With the weather warming up and the summer right around the corner, more and more people are heading outside to work on their landscaping. The chances are good that you’ve already been working on your property in the late winter and spring months, but that doesn’t mean your work is complete. The best landscapers recognize that each season brings its own unique set of challenges and requires a different approach to achieve landscaping success. The summer months are no different, which means you need to adapt your approach or face big issues on your landscape.

For many landscapers, they learn about common mistakes the hard way. We want you to achieve all of your summer landscaping goals and avoid any headaches, which is why we’ve put together the following list of 4 common summer landscaping mistakes to avoid. After reading through this article, you should have a good idea about things to avoid doing this summer while you are outside working hard on your property. This article is brought to you by Cal Blend Soils, the leading supplier of landscaping products in California. Reach out to Cal Blend Soils today if you are interested in purchasing our high-quality landscaping supplies at great prices.

Summer Landscaping Mistake #1 – Over Pruning

There comes a time every year when landscapers take a look at their shrubs to decide what work needs to be done to get them looking good. Every landscaper wants their shrubs to look well-maintained and fresh. Unfortunately, many make the mistake of over-pruning their shrubs and causing significant damage to their plants. It’s easy to go overboard with pruning in the summer because you probably haven’t worked on them all winter long.

Make sure that you understand the type of shrubs you are pruning because certain species should be pruned at certain times of the year. The last thing you want to do is prune away potential blooms that leave you with no growth in the spring. Do your research and be extra careful when pruning to avoid this common summer landscaping mistake.

Summer Landscaping Mistake #2 – Overcutting Your Grass

Another common summer landscaping mistake has to do with overcutting grass. By the time summer rolls around each year, people want to make sure their lawn looks great. That’s because it is one of the first components of a landscape that is noticed. This leads landscapers to cut their lawn either too frequently or too short. What these landscapers don’t realize is that overcutting your grass can lead to serious issues that are difficult to deal with.

Making this summer landscaping mistake can put your grass at risk of bare patches, lawn diseases, and pests. These problems can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you haven’t dealt with them before. The best thing to do is to cut your lawn a bit longer than usual in the summer. That will allow the lawn to get a little more shade and soak up water instead of letting it evaporate. Be conscious of the length you are cutting your grass to avoid making this classic mistake.

Summer Landscaping Mistake #3 – Planting Non-Native Plants

The summer is a good opportunity to head outdoors and plant some new things on your property. Since the sun is out pretty much every day, you have a nice environment to get new plant life off to a good start. However, one of the summer landscaping mistakes that many people accidentally make occurs when they try to plant non-native plants on their property.

The thing you must understand about native and non-native plants is that they both have a unique set of requirements that they need to grow. Non-native plants are usually under duress right from the start. They don’t have the right type of soil to grow in with strength, which often leads them to slowly die or wither away. You will also need to put in more work just to make sure your non-native plants are alright throughout the summer. Be extra careful when you are choosing new plants for your property this summer and try to avoid non-native plants if possible.

Summer Landscaping Mistake #4 – Watering at the Wrong Time of Day

We all know just how important it is to get our plant life water on a regular basis. This is even more crucial during the summertime when temperatures are high. This often leads landscapers towards committing the summer landscaping mistake of watering at the wrong time of day. If you want your plants to absorb all of the water and stay hydrated throughout those hot summer days, you need to make sure you water them wisely.

The right time of day to water your lawn and your plants is the early morning. That way, the plants are able to absorb all of the water in their roots before it evaporates due to the hot sun. it doesn’t matter if you are using a sprinkler system or watering by hand, make sure you are watering at the right time of day to avoid serious landscaping issues this summer.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some valuable insight into the summer landscaping mistakes to avoid at all costs. These mistakes can lead to more serious problems if you aren’t careful, so make sure you are conscious of them before you head outside this summer to work on your property. Remember that Cal Blend Soils can help you achieve all of your landscaping goals this summer with our great assortment of landscaping products. Reach out to our customer service team today if you have any questions about landscaping or if you’d like to browse our selection of landscaping supplies.